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Refugee's investigation from the Camp Strike in Suhl - It is unacceptable to insult us and threaten our safety

I fled from the Syria massacre to escape to Turkey. After I decided to move to Germany with my family. I do not have a large family, only my wife and my kitten. We got to take a very dangerous trip. We were so lucky to survive from drowning in the Aegean sea between Turkey and Greece. Then, we spent days and days walking or being transferred by buses or trains from Greece to the German borders. We passed 6 countries, one by one, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary and Austria perceptively before reaching Germany in the end.

Local group: 

Lutherstadt Wittenberg: Refugees Say No to the Abusive Practice of the Employee of the Foreign Office.

The employee of the Foreign Office of Lutherstadt Wittenberg trickily abuses legal right of refugees. The Foreign Office subjugate refugees to sign document or "Duldung" already prepared without the consent of the refugees.


Oury Jalloh Murder: Press release of PEACE- Int. concerning the case of African Refugee killed in a German Police cell

The VOICE Refugee Forum (Community Network)

Press release of PEACE- Int. concerning the developments in the case of Oury Jalloh killed in a German Police cell almost 11 years ago.

Victoria – Limbe (Cameroon), 26.10.2015


Wittenberg: Protect us Now! No Where to Go!

The Citizen's Initiative Vockerode in the local government of Lutherstadt Wittenberg sends a signal that in Vockerode no place for more asylum seekers.¹ Therefore, a demonstration was registered.


Erfurt - Demonstration: Stop the tightening of the asylum law against the refugees!

2015-10-13 13:00:00

The VOICE Refugee Forum
The call in english and German:

Stop the tightening of the asylum law against the refugees!
Oct., 13, 10 AM, Staatskanzlei, Erfurt

On tuesday, Oct. 13 the thuringian state government will decide weather or not they will endorse the thightening of the asylum law that will be consulted in the Bundesrat on Oct. 16.

The new asylum law will bring:

Wuppertal - Workshop - Self-Empowerment of Refugees - Selbstermächtigung von Flüchtlingen

2015-10-18 14:00:00 to 2015-10-18 18:00:00

The Self Empowerment of Refugees
- Workshop -

Sunday, October 2015 at 2pm
Marienstraße 52, Wuppertal

Input by Rex Osa from THE VOICE Refugee Forum

Topics of the workshop

Erfurt - Demonstration of Eriterian Community: We are asking asylum for political reasons

2015-10-02 11:00:00 to 2015-10-02 15:00:00

+ + + German below | deutsch unten + + +

"We are asking asylum for political reasons!
"Why don't we get any answer?"

Friday 02.10 | 11 am | Erfurt Central Train Station
(Hauptbahnhof) | from self-organised Eritreans

Refugees Bicycle tour Against Racism and discrimination in Lutherstadt Wittenberg

2015-09-27 12:00:00 to 2015-09-27 18:18:00

Refugees from the local government of Lutherstadt Wittenberg have initiated a bicycle tour against racism, isolation, “Duldung Status”, denial of working permit, denial of residence permit, and arbitration against them for so many years.

The tour starts from Lutherstadt Wittenberg to Vockerode.


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