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In remembrance of Amed Ahmad - Manifestation in Bonn

Our demands are justice, justice and justice.
We will not stop asking about the murderers of our son.
We use the word murderer because people killed Amed or caused his death.

Malek and Fadila Ahmad in October 2018

Aufruf in deutscher Sprache: In Gedenken an Amed Ahmad - Kundgebung in Bonn

In remembrance of Amed Ahmad October 13, 2022 | 6 pm | Bonn - Münsterplatz

September 29, 2022 marks the fourth anniversary of Amed Ahmad's death. To this day, we do not know why Amed Ahmad was arrested and deprived of his freedom for over two months, eventually had to burn and then die. Amed Ahmad's family not only has to endure the loss of their son, but also endure it in retrospect, as in a parliamentary committee of inquiry trivialities dominated the discussions and the report. The mother and father of Amed Ahmad and we continue to wonder why Amed Ahmad is no longer with us. The hypocritical investigations in the parliamentary committee of inquiry did not provide answers to our questions. Rather, they strengthened our doubts that it was not just a chain of mistakes and failures that led to Amed's death. How else can the manipulation of the data be interpreted even before his arrest and the rejection of several indications of the false deprivation of liberty?

"I know that the committee of inquiry is not impartial and serves the interests of the police from the very beginning.
Malek Ahmad after the end of the parliamentary committee of inquiry NRW

As in all other cases of racist police brutality known to us, there was no consistent clarification of the arrest and the circumstances of his death. That's why in the almost four years since the death of Amed Ahmad, we have had to experience how other people had to lose their lives due to the bullets of the police or in police custody in Northrhine Westphalia. The killing of Adel B. in 2019 in Essen was not prosecuted despite existing video recordings. The case of Georgios Zantiotis is still being legally examined by his family. In August 2022 alone, another two people were killed by police bullets in Northrhine Westphalia. Jouzef Berditchevski was shot dead on August 3, 2022 in Cologne during the forced eviction of his house. 16-year-old Mohammed Lamine Dramé was shot dead with six bullets in Dortmund on August 8, 2022.

We invite everyone to come to Bonn on the anniversary of Amed Ahmad's funeral on October 13. We want to be with the family at the grave of Amed on this day and then remember Amed and all other victims of racist police brutality in Bonn city center. After the public demonstration of our anger, grief and solidarity with the families of the victims, we want to come together and discuss how we can connect our struggles and support each other.

Amed Ahmad, that was murder!

Initiative Amed Ahmad | CARAVAN for the rights of refugees and migrants | Migrantifa NRW

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