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Pressemitteilung von Roma Thüringen zu der Sammelabschiebung vom 16.12.2015. Jede Abschiebung ist ein Verbrechen!

Seit mehreren Wochen finden in Thüringen Massenabschiebungen von Roma und anderen Geflüchteten aus sog. Sicheren Herkunftsstaaten statt. Dass diese Länder, insbesondere für Roma und andere Minderheiten, nicht sicher sind, wurde von Roma Organisationen aber auch anderen NGOs mehrfach belegt.

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Support of the demands of Moneer Al Kadri and Nadia Ghnim from Syria (in Jena - Germany)

Dear friends and activists,
we are writing to you on behalf of Moneer Al Kadri and Nadia Ghnim in Jena who are at the moment politically active with The VOICE Refugee Forum, a refugee community network in Germany since 1994. We are appealing to interested activists to support our campaign in Thueringen to overcome the precarious predicaments of being a refugee and against social exclusion policy of the state. We therefore will appreciate if you support to spread our call and to make it public through your social network and your media. We hope to hear from you soonest.

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Haliti, Shani (39), father with two children - The deportation terror in Thuringia continues! Get active and stop it!

On November 12, 2015 Shani Haliti received a letter announcing the deportation. Since then he and his children live in permanent fear of deportation to a land (Serbia) where they are confronted with death.

This is his story:

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Open Meeting in Jena: "For Refugees Safety In the Suhl refugee-Camp (Thüringen)

2015-11-17 17:00:00 to 2015-11-17 20:52:00

English: Open Meeting in Jena: "For Refugee Safety In Suhl Camp – The place is full of threats and insecurity "

Deutsch: Offenes Treffen in Jena: Für die Sicherheit der BewohnerInnen im Flüchtlingslager Suhl:


Open Meeting in Jena: "For Refugee Safety In Suhl Camp – The place is full of threats and insecurity “

Refugee Community in Thüringen - Organize community support for the refugee struggles
Open Meeting on Tuesday, 17th of November 2015, 6 p.m., Haus auf der Mauer (Johannisplatz 26, Jena)

Local group: 

Offenes Treffen in Jena: "Für Sicherheit im Lager Suhl – der Ort ist voller Drohungen und Unsicherheit!"

Flüchtlingscommunity in Thüringen – Organisiert Community-Unterstützung für die Flüchtlingskämpfe
Offenes Treffen am Dienstag, 17. November 2015, 18.00 Uhr, Haus auf der Mauer (Johannisplatz 26, Jena)

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Refugee's investigation from the Camp Strike in Suhl - It is unacceptable to insult us and threaten our safety

I fled from the Syria massacre to escape to Turkey. After I decided to move to Germany with my family. I do not have a large family, only my wife and my kitten. We got to take a very dangerous trip. We were so lucky to survive from drowning in the Aegean sea between Turkey and Greece. Then, we spent days and days walking or being transferred by buses or trains from Greece to the German borders. We passed 6 countries, one by one, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary and Austria perceptively before reaching Germany in the end.

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Erfurt - Demonstration: Stop the tightening of the asylum law against the refugees!

2015-10-13 13:00:00

The VOICE Refugee Forum
The call in english and German:

Stop the tightening of the asylum law against the refugees!
Oct., 13, 10 AM, Staatskanzlei, Erfurt

On tuesday, Oct. 13 the thuringian state government will decide weather or not they will endorse the thightening of the asylum law that will be consulted in the Bundesrat on Oct. 16.

The new asylum law will bring:

Erfurt - Demonstration of Eriterian Community: We are asking asylum for political reasons

2015-10-02 11:00:00 to 2015-10-02 15:00:00

+ + + German below | deutsch unten + + +

"We are asking asylum for political reasons!
"Why don't we get any answer?"

Friday 02.10 | 11 am | Erfurt Central Train Station
(Hauptbahnhof) | from self-organised Eritreans


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