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Demonstration for Peace in Yemen - Stopp the killing!

Monday 18th of Dezember at 2pm Brandenburger Tor, Berlin

- Stop the bombing and all blockades of trade routes into Yemen that are essential for the survival of the Yemeni people!
- Stop the export of arms to the warring Golf states and Iran!
- Push for a political harmonization in the middle east!
- Support the peaceful forces in Yemen! Political solutions can only be found in Yemen itself, not through the involvement of others!
- Supply more humanitarian aid in Yemen!

Rarely does Yemen make the German news. But on the 9th of November of this year, all news programs covered „the worlds largest famine for centuries“, which is threatening the country should the hostilities and the blockade of air and sea transports continue.

War in Yemen
Since March 2015 Yemen is occupied with war. A war, that has been in the making since early autumn 2014 at least and that soon experienced massive international involvement. A war which according to the UN has killed tens of thousands of people, 90% of which were civilians. The poor country‘s already ailing infrastructure has been destroyed, public health care, garbage disposal, water and waste systems broke down, which in April of this year lead to the massive outbreak of cholera, the largest that has ever been documented.

Within the first five months 700,000 people in Yemen got sick with cholera. By mid November 2017 945,000 cases and more than 2,200 deaths caused by cholera were recorded. Children are especially affected and make up 60% of cholera cases.

7 million people in Yemen are currently threatened by starvation. More than 20 million Yemenites need humanitarian aid, that is three quarters of the entire population.
More than 400,000 children suffer from life-threatening malnutrition.

Power struggle in the middle east
Famine, diseases such as cholera and the economic collapse are the direct result of the involvement of regional and supra-regional powers in the politics of Yemen. Yemen is being destabilized due to the self-interests of other countries – the death of innocent people is readily accepted. Social negotiation processes in Yemen are impeded from outside. The country has become a pawn in the interests of others and war is a lucrative business!

Dedication not ignorance
With those that impede humanitarian aid in Yemen and commit war crimes no serious cooperation is possible. There must not be any kind of military cooperation with countries, that take part in the war in Yemen or pour oil on the fire from outside!
Neither Iran, nor the Golf states participating in the war must receive arms and equipment. The bombing and blockade of Yemen must be stopped, which requires political and diplomatic pressure from the part of Germany as well.

We ask you to leave flags and other ideological symbols at home. We want to demonstrate in solidarity for peace in Yemen and don‘t want to quarrel with each other and become divided. Banners and slogans against war and destruction in Yemen are very welcome of course!

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