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Wittenberg: Protect us Now! No Where to Go!

The Citizen's Initiative Vockerode in the local government of Lutherstadt Wittenberg sends a signal that in Vockerode no place for more asylum seekers.¹ Therefore, a demonstration was registered.

Refugees Movement Sachsen Anhalt observes the new developments and how the old and new refugees are being treated by the responsible authority. During the closure of Mohlau camp,² our demands were to close and decentralize us. In this regard, refugees were decentralized in different villages and cities and one of this village is Vockerode. According to MZ there are presently almost 388 refugees accommodated in Vockerode. Refugees in other villages and town are not included.

From subjective perspective, we don't want any discrimination or abuse because we are refugees, residing in the local government of Wittenberg. Therefore, we demand a rapid decentralization, inclusion into the society, and protection. Stop deportation! Working permits to all refugees.

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