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Lutherstadt Wittenberg: Twenty Years with Duldung and Finally Legalised

Refugees Continue their Campaign "Stop Legitimating Injustice and Legitimate Justice 2015”

Legalize all Refugees with Duldung Status for so many Years and Stop Destroying, Persecuting Refugees in Germany.

To subjugate refugees to a Duldung status for so many years is a segregation and abuse on humanity. Therefore, we demand compensation to all the concerned and affected refugees. We demand the authority of tutelary to verify the background of the civil servants that implements this inhuman measures.

Therefore, our criticism to the responsible foreign office of Lutherstadt Wittenberg persists without compromise. Excluding refugees their legal rights and the negative interpretation of the so called foreign laws in Lutherstadt Wittenberg is crucial. This contributes to destroy refugees' health, perspective, etc,.

A refugee residing in Lutherstadt Wittenberg for almost 20 years with Duldung status has finally been legalized. This is an example out of many subjugated to Duldung and repression in Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

We demand compensation to all concerned refugees and the verification of our files by the authority of tutelary.