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Call for Court Process Observation of Family Arsic from Serbia in Gera

Wednesday, May 13, 2015 - 14:00 to 16:18

Sitzungssaal 006 Amtsgericht Gera, Rudolf-Diener-Straße 1
Family Arsic against Federal Republic of Germany / Rejection of Asylum

Interested Activists are invited!

Despite of murder of two close relatives, despite of tried rape and afterward massive intimidation by the rapists because of informing the local police, despite of watching by such criminals of the family in Germany and ongoing threat to life by SMS for the case of return to
Serbia, the BAMF had rejected the asylum application, using lower standards of the value of life and human dignity. We are in fear, the court could follow this racist decision. Possible reasons could be, that the judge is racist minded, he could ignore the German constitution, which
is forbidding discrimination because of ethical ancestry. Another reason could be the dependency of the court from the executive, acting as a puppet, which is even a violation of the German constitution.

We want to show the German justice, that such violation of human dignity, rejection of unalienable human rights, that such violation of the highest German law could not happen silent without a trace. We want to unmask the German justice once again as a dastardly henchman of racist officials, not committed to the virtues of constitutional legality, but double standards
concerning the value of human live, dividing humans into valuable races, which life is worthy to be protected and, at the other hand, inferior races, reasonable to be send back to a country, where their right to life and physical integrity are in acute danger, rejecting protection of human dignity.

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