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Report on Refugee's Meeting Held in Vockerode, Lutherstadt Wittenberg on 26.02.2015

We unified together with our supporters in Vockerode to discuss relevant matters concerning how the foreign offices contribute in destroying our perspectives in the name of “German Law”. How they abused and discriminate us with the “Duldung” pretext for so many years. How they aimed to persecute, destroy and deport us back without perspectives and the arbitrary decisions practiced

The following points were discussed:

How the foreign office uses “Duldung” to abuse and repress us and how they abusively send us to the embassy after so many years especially, in the local government of Lutherstadt Wittenberg Sachsen-Anhalt

How we can denounce these practices through demonstration in Lutherstadt Wittenberg in April

How they used administrative abusively to discriminate us in Lutherstadt Wittenberg

“Duldung” as an Object of Abuse in the Local Government of Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Sachsen Anhalt.

We analyzed all forms of abuses applied by the responsible authority, namely the Foreign Office of Lutherstadt Wittenberg to destroy and persecute us. We exchanged different experiences from different perspectives on how the Foreign Office arbitrary denied us our legal rights out of ignorance and discrimination. How they consecutively denied us working permission and restrict our movements for so many years. How they used “Co-operation” to discriminate by abusively sending us to our various embassies with the aim to deport us to death. How they repressed, oppressed, menaced and traumatized us for so many years. How they used all these facts to hinder both our economical, social and political contribution to the society.

We exchanged views and experiences on the consequences of the Foreign Office's arbitrary denial and its effect to our health, perspectives, development. For example, we have been exposed to danger for many years without perspectives. We are disintegrated in our various countries of origin or lastly resided. We have no where to go or start from in our previous countries of origin or lastly resided. Therefore, we cannot bear such an enormous consequences anymore.

We exchange views and experiences on insults and intimidation that we confront with the Foreign Office including, their intent to disadvantaged us one way or the other in matters relating to co-operation. How they used cooperation as an excuse to repress and menace us. At the same time, how they do not want us to cooperate so as to be able to justify their repression and menace on us. For example, many of use have co-operated by presenting our legal documents that prove our identity, but still the Foreign Office of Lutherstadt Wittenberg persists by inventing all kinds of allegations with the intent of refusing recognition of the presented documents or corporation. They used all these strategies to disadvantaged and justified their illicit acts.

To support our evidence, we volunteered during the meeting to make our name public to show how broad the destruction and accusations are although, we have co-operated. These will serve the authorities of tutelary in Sachsen-Anhalt and above. Our analysis during the meeting envisaged the demand of an authority of tutelary in Sachsen Anhalt to verify our file held in the Foreign Office of Lutherstadt Wittenberg. Therefore, our practical evidences and points of views discussed, made it known that the interest of the Foregn Office of Lutherstadt Wittenberg is only to deport us to death or disadvantaged us in all aspects, to systematically destroy our perspectives and to invent strategical arguments and lies to make it possible.

We exchanged views on the arbitrary practices of the Foreign Office that sent names to various embassies. Some of us complained that ten lists of refugees from Benin were sent to the embassy for recognition so as to deport us to Death. One of the concerned explained that this is an atrocity, having spent 13 years in Germany under massive repression. He continued to emphasize that this could cause his death if any mistake occurs.

We envisaged and discussed during the meeting that the civil servant workers in matters relating us should resign because they have contributed to an illicit allegations, lies and discrimination against us. They have contributed in staining the image of the Local government of Lutherstadt Wittenberg. The old ideology of intimidation and oppression exercised in Mohlau is still in their methodology of working practice. Therefore, an administrative structural reform is needed in Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

We viewed and discussed on the strategies of delay tactics used to waste us many years in recognizing our legal rights. For example, those of us who have a child or who wants to marry etc.

Unanimous Agreement to Demonstration in Lutherstadt Wittenberg in April

We concluded unanimously after our various view points and analysis to demonstrate in Lutherstadt Wittenberg. This is meant to denounce all the illicit mentioned points and facts and to strengthen our demand to legalize all refugees with “Duldung” for so many years without exception and stop deportation.

General Matters on Administrative Abuse against Refugees in Lutherstadt Wittenberg

We discussed how the responsible authority pressurized us to buy medicines by ourselves in Vockerode. On how they advised Doctors for refugees to buy medicines by themselves. If we are sick in Vockerode, the responsible authorities try to deny that we are sick.

if we managed to get work, they try to block or stop us not to do the work especially, if the work is advantageous to us.

Therefore, we concluded that the Foreign Offices especially that of Lutherstadt Wittenberg used the “Duldung” pretext to abuse and destroy our perspectives. They used administrative abuses as a cover to exercise discrimination and oppression. That's why demonstration or manifestations are necessary to denounce all these illicit practices in Lutherstadt Wittenberg.