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Sachsen Anhalt: Stop Legitimating Injustice and Legitimate Justice for Refugees 2015

Sachsen Anhalt: Stop Legitimating Injustice and Legitimate Justice for Refugees 2015
Do you know that the responsible authorities abandoned and interdicted refugees not to work for more than 10 years? Sachsen Anhalt is an example
"Legalize all refugees with “Duldung” status for so many years and stop destroying, persecuting refugess in Germany!!!"

We are refugees that are legally registered in the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees of the Federal Republic of Germany. We are initially decentralized to the various central contact points in different German states to hear the reasons why we left our various countries or countries we lastly resided. We are later transferred to the different local governments, where we are obliged to stay and live under the pretext of “Aufenthaltsgestattung”, “Dulden” and subjugated to the ministry of internal affairs, the federal office of migration and refugees and the local foreign offices.

Through our practical evidence and analysis, we found out that manipulations and abuses with the intention to exclude us or reject our legal rights always occur in the administrative instance of (BAMF) within three months. This made it possible to ignore to recognize our legal status, at the same time, they oblige us to make an appeal in the administrative court. Therefore, the question of the independence of the judiciary arises. Is the administrative court really independent? Or are they influenced by the (BAMF) and the ministry of internal affairs?

This obligation to make an appeal, made it difficult for some of us to make this appeal appropriately because of many reasons such as lack of language understanding, lack of financial support, what was written in German language during the interrogations does not exactly cover all the explanation that we intended. The question arises, do they do it intentionally? Some of us that could make an appeal, made it with pressure.

These facts affect almost all of us from the so called “third countries”. The responsible authority subjugated us under the status of “Duldung”, humiliated and repressed for many years. Although, Many of us have nothing to do with the Schengen agreement. Many of us are socially, economically and politically disintegrated in our various countries of origin or countries that we lastly resided.

They denied us the right to work. They denied us the right of freedom of movement. They recognize to criminalize us if we work illegally, they recognize to criminalize us if we exercise our freedom of movement, they recognize to isolate us and abandon us in various refugee camps, they recognize to deny us our legal existence.

It is a shame to the German government that in this 21 century world of multi-polar system, where Liberalism and globalisation of the world economy are in practice denies refugees from different continents the rights to work, right to freedom, right to legal existence for more than 10 years.

Basing on the above reasons, we are practically convinced, that the intent of exclusion is not the best solution to world's development rather inclusion is the best solution.

Therefore, we will hold responsible all those that execute the injustice to destroy, persecute us. We demand to stop legitimating injustice and legitimate justice for refugees concerned.

We demand that all refugees with “Duldung” Status for many years, some 8, 9, 10, 15 and more in Germany be legalized. We must have the freedom of movement, the right to work, the right to full legal existence and the right to be protected without compromise.

Flüchtlingsbewegung Sachsen Anhalt, The Caravan for the Right of Refugees and Migrant and The Voice Refugee Forum