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Attacks and menaces on refugees in Vockerode

deutsch: Angriff auf Flüchtlinge in Vockerode
We refugees inform and report that on 30/03/2013 at 6 p.m. a young group of us refugees living in Vockerode saw a parked bus around the office of the "sparkasse" and a group of white Germans while we are strolling. We were been insulted as ”neger raus” etc. paving way for an exchange of words and menaces. As they were insulting and menacing us, we ran back to our camps, flat, despite that, we were followed and pursuited by 3 Germans into our various blocks. One of us entered block 11, the 3 Germans bypassed and after some hours around 19:30, one of us saw the same 3 Germans, entering into block 14, where they broke the doors and menaced us refugees with bottles of bier etc. in the same block 14, the door of other refugees at the first floor was broken, too.

Then, we called the police for our protection and the police later came to interrogate the 3 Nazis and took photos. While interrogating the Nazis, one of us was trying to also explain to the police what has happened, but he was given a blow by one the Nazis, in front of the police.

The police are investigating on the matter.

We need an appropriate protection and solidarity in order to be able to confront all these types of racism, hatred and discrimination in Sachsen Anhalt..

All these insults and menaces are related to the treatment that we refugees are receiving from the responsible authorities in the local government of Wittenberg. For example:

They denied us working permission for so many years - 10 to 15 years

They denied us our legal existence by intentionally wanting us to stay with the “Duldung” status and menacing us with deportation.

They denied us our legal right to have “AOK” medical card instead it was discriminately executed.

We are informing all the civil societies and raising an alarm on behalf of the institutional and also direct racism, discriminating us refugees by the responsible authorities..

Solidarity is our weapon, Protect all refugees

Stop deportation, abolish the restriction of movement.

working permission for all refugees.

Maxim G. Donte (Vockerode)

Toure Dramane (Vockerode)
0152 25951740
Flüchtlingsinitiative, KARAWANE, THE VOICE Wittenberg