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Declaration of Hannover by the Sudanese initiative for pursuit of justice (SIPJ)

Sudanese initiative for pursuit of justice (SIPJ)

Hannover declaration

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Sudanese initiative for pursuit of justice is affirming that: Sudan is in armed conflict and war since 1955 up to date. And, although the country is split into two states, in 2011, (north & south), the war is still flaming in four armed conflict fronts, in south kordofan, blue Nile, Abyaii area and Darfur states, that beside the armed tensions between the new states (north and south Sudan).
Sudan wird seit 1989 regiert und kontrolliert von Omar Al-bashir, der vom Internationalen Strafgerichtshof (ICC) wegen Verbrechen angeklagt ist.
Sudan since 1989 is governed & controlled by Omar Al-bashir, a wanted criminal by the international criminal court (ICC).
Minister of defense Abdel Raheem Muhammed Hussein, governer of south Kordofan state Ahmad Harun, a militia’s leader Ali Kushayb and others of Sudanese governmental leaders are also wanted criminals by (ICC) for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide in Darfur region, western Sudan.
Human rights situation, in Sudan, is deteriorating day by day. Sudanese security forces arrest and torture peaceful demonstrators, university students, journalists, opposite are politicians, social workers.
Negative interference of International community in Sudan, because of oil, makes situation goes from bad to worst.
This destruction in our community, force us to flee our home and live here in Germany as refugees.
The situation of Sudanese refugees in Germany is unacceptable, as all kinds of human rights violation are existed, are starting from restriction of movement & delay of residence permit, passing by isolation & Gutscheine, and ending with police brutality and deportation.
Germany had established, and executes an asylum policy goes in a contradicting line with basic human rights.
Germany supports killing of our people inside Sudan, by backing Omar Al-bashir regime, as we had witnessed it, in Berlin, in January 2013, when Germany had organized an economic conference to fund Sudanese dictator doings.
Sudanese initiative for pursuit of justice condemns, reject and stand against: Sudanese dictator and his crimes in Sudan, violation of human rights of Sudanese people in Sudan by Sudanese government and its security forces, and in Germany by German government and its racist system, and German Sudanese governmental collaboration against people of Sudan and its freedom and basic human rights.

Sudanese initiative for pursuit of justice works for:
  • Pursuit of justice for Sudanese people inside Sudan, Sudanese refugees, and all refugees all over Germany.
  • Bringing Omar Al-bashir (Sudanese dictator), and all criminals those who are responsible for crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide in Sudan, to justice.
  • Abolishing all kinds of discrimination policies against refugees in Germany (restriction of movement, Cutscheine, isolation, deportation)
Sudanese initiative for pursuit of justice calls:
  • All Sudanese people for uprising on Omar Al-bashir regime.
  • All Sudanese refugees and all refugees all over Germany to maintain unity and solidarity.
  • Immediate release of political detainees in the prisons of the Sudanese security forces.
  • All freedom fighters, revolutionaries, activists and refugees to support, back and join (Sudanese initiative for pursuit of justice)

20 March 2013, Hannover – Germany

  1. Abdallah Kano Hamad (Hannover)
  2. Abdel Aziz Arabi (Lehrte)
  3. Adam Fadel (Lehrte)
  4. Adam Ismail Hussain (Großburgwedel)
  5. Ali Elsadig Ali Mahmoud (Hannover)
  6. Allam Elsadig Ahmed (Ronnenberg)
  7. Ataf Eltaj (Großburgwedel)
  8. Ibrahim Mohammed (Astapil)
  9. Mohammed A. Ageed (Großburgwedel)
  10. Maissara Saeed (Hannover)
  11. Osman Tigani (Bitterfeld)
  12. Wlid Ibrahim (Hannover)
  13. Yasir Abdallah (Mellendorf)