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Relocation in Wittenberg instead of Renovation in Möhlau

Refugee initiative Möhlau Wittenberg regretted and is disappointed with the result of the Local parliament of Wittenberg, in what concerns the decentralisation of refugees in different cheaper houses and the amelioration of refugees living situation, proposed by the chief of the administrative office of Wittenberg, which was voted against by the majority of the parliamentarian of the local government, on the 11.04.2011 in Wittenberg regardless of different manifestations and demonstrations held behalf of the matter and issue.

This shows the level of discriminative and exclusive mentality that found itself and were been exercised in the local government against innocent refugees for many years, despite the fact that the percentage of refugees in the local government of Wittenberg were at the lowest level according to statistic evidences.

The use of COST to deny refugees their human dignity and perspective instead forced refugees to live in an isolated area despite the unanimous demands of refugees for an amelioration of their living condition and integration, through different manifestations and demonstration is unacceptable.

The logic of substituting RELOCATION COST with RENOVATION COST, while they knew Möhlau Lager is highly isolated , is unacceptable by the refugees , to spend money on its renovation, instead, the money to be for the renovation could be equally used for relocation of refugees in cheap private houses.

The „§ aufnahmgesetz sachsen anhalt“ does not obliged refugees to be located in a highly isolated area nor obliged refugees to be in big lagers.

Refugees initiative Möhlau Wittenberg would not be silent seeing their lives and perspectives been destroyed in the name of isolation, exclusion and law, without the competent authority putting in consideration their human dignity and protect their lives.

Refugees in Möhlau should not be left in an isolation for many years without working permit!

Refugees were been abandoned in Möhlau for many years without working permit, resident restriction, without perspective. Because of that, refugees live were been systematically destroyed.

Basing on all these reasons mentioned , Refugee initiative Möhlau Wittenberg continue to demand for a change. A change that could contribute to save the lives of innocent refugees .

Relocation instead of renovation!

Manifestations and demonstrations would not be excluded as far as refugees were suffering persistently in isolation in Möhlau.

We want change now!

Stop destroying our lives in the name of money and vote!

You all want to live a normal live likewise others.

stop injustice now!

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