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Sufferings of refugees in Möhlau/ Wittenberg

Sufferings of refugees in Möhlau/ Wittenberg while the competent authority are looking for solution.

„Flüchtlinge initaitive Möhlau wittenberg „ „The voice refugee wittenberg“ The caravan Wittenberg„ Nolager Halle held together a meeting on the 11 th January 2011 in Möhlau to inform and discuss on behalf of the refugees future housing condition in the local government of Wittenberg.

As it was written by“ Mdr „that the local government is still looking for houses, to where the refugees would be transfered to , made it known, that the competent authority is working on the issue at the same time looking for a solution.

But refugees were still „suffering of isolation „in möhlau and demanded for a rapid change in what concern their housing condition in Wittenberg.

However, refugees emphasize on the posibility of renting a low cost house by themselves in wittenberg which would be paid by the social office of wittenberg and itself is parallel cheap and would contribute to save lifes and sicknesses, traumatism, isolation etc .

Refugees also discussed concerning the meeting of the „building commission of wittenberg“ , which could be on the 18th of january. Refugees demanded the Building commission to consider thier sufferings and the consequences of isolation which affects their health and psychology.

Refugees were strongly waiting for thier demand and for the change proposed by the competent authority from the year 2011.

Future demonstrations, manifestations would not be excluded ,if the sufferings of refugees in möhlau persist in wittenberg.

Don't forget the sufferings of refugees in Wittenberg! Solidarity for all! Stop deportation!

Flüchlingsinitiative Wittenberg

The voice Refugee Wittenberg

The caravane for the right of refugees Wittenberg