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The opinion of the refugees in Wittenberg district

Flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau/Wittenberg held a meeting jointly with Nolager Halle at 09/10/2010 to discus with the refugees in Möhlau on the proposed concept of the authorities about their housing accommodation in the local government of Wittenberg.

The Refugees appreciate the new measures taken by the competent authority of Wittenberg to close the old military camp used to accommodate refugees in Möhlau and the conclusion to ameliorate Refugees housing conditions.” This Camp has destroyed lives of many innocent refugees, finally the competent authority have decided to close it . We thank the “Landrat” “ Enunciated some refugees.

Refugees who have been here for many years also expressed their concern especially (single), that they should be attributed to private houses, accord them working permission etc instead of abandoning and interdicting them not to work for many years also to consider their long time of integration and in the society.

Refugees make it know that they will no longer tolerate isolation any more and demand for the abolition of Voucher system in Wittenberg which is exercised by the social department.

Refugees demand for a more appropriate integration so as to avoid social exclusion in Wittenberg.

Flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau/Wittenberg