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Refugees expect change from the Christian Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

French: Réfugiés s'attendre à un changement du département chrétien Lutherstadt Wittemberg
English version:
Refugees expect change from the Christian Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

Refugees expect change from the Christian Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau/ Wittenberg which comprises innocent refugees were unhappy on the fact of the treatment they were receiving from the competent authorities of Wittenberg, especially the foreign office in charge of their files, on which indirect discrimination should not be excluded.

Abandoning them without perspectives with isolation consequences, which contribute to deteriorate the mental and physical health of refugees. No inter cultural concept of integration. The authorisation of working permits to refugees were as a priority negative, especially african refugees who have been here for many years, although the law permits it instead, the seek of a negative interpretation of the law by the competent authority as a priority, Why?

Innocent refugees were also highly victimise on the matter of the execution of the Voucher, where by an innocent refugees could be obliged to Voucher while others not,although they come from the same country.

Most refugees were also victims of the so call AOK of the health insurance whereby, out of hatred, minority were been accorded AOK and others not, although they come from the same country.

The interpretation of the so called residence Law towards the issuing of resident permits to merited refugees who have been living here for many years, was always as priority negative when it concerns refugies, especially Africans refugies.

Because of all these negative mentalities exercised by the competent authorities towards innocent refugees, they were afraid of been victim of circumstance which could be irreversible and it concerns their lives and future perspective, destroying it institutionally would not be accepted by the refugees concerned, therefore flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau/Wittenberg are demanding to the competent authority for a change. No consideration towards all these points mentioned could lead to generate future manifestations and demonstrations. Refugees needs their freedom now! And will continue to fight for their freedom.

Flüchtlings initiative Möhlau / Wittenberg also highly appreciate the execution of the competent authority of the local government of Dessau Rosslau concerning the housing condition of refugees residing on their local government. These shows that the local government of Dessau-Rosslau recognises the reality of the fact and our demand for private houses for all and the closure of the jungle lagers as a signs of respect towards human dignity before any other thing. These should be an example to other local governments.

We want an urgent change in the local government of Wittenberg! We have suffered enough isolation in Möhlau/ Wittenberg! we are waiting for the closure of the camp!
Refugees lives and perspectives have been destroyed in Möhlau/Wittenberg enough now!

Solidarity now in Wittenberg! Save lives now! Stop deportation and residence right for all merited now!

Flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau/Wittenberg :Die Flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau wurde von den Flüchtlingen, die hier leben müssen, selbst gegründet, um ihr Empfinden und ihr Leiden unter diesem System zu äußern. Sie sind direkt Betroffene von den Entscheidungen der lokalen Regierung mit Sozialamt und Ausländerbehörde, denen sie ohne jede Perspektive unterstellt sind.

Speaker: Salomon Wantchoucou
Contact : +491743529066
Raguhner str.99 06791 Möhlau

SPENDE: Verein zur Förderung der Rechte Von Flüchtlingen und Migrantinnen Konto-Nummer: 1268134259 bei der Hamburger Sparkasse (HASPA) BLZ 200 505 50 Stichwort: flüchtwittenberg