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Some remarks about Caravan Festival 2010

After three days of collective fight against “Colonial injustice” in Jena, in our way back to Bremen we had a short stop in the center of the city close to one of our gathering points, “Pulverturm/ Johannistor”. We saw a flag of Israel hanging from a window of a building very close to that point. We were surprised how we didn’t see it during those three days. That is the flag of a state that suppress the whole nation of Palestinians so brutally. And in fact during the Festival along with the world campaign against killing some international human right activists in their way to Gaza Strip, there was also some protest actions in the Festival. Not so to surprise, there are some Antifas while fighting against Neo-Nazis and German State, supporting the state of Israel. This is ridiculous, there are Neo Nazis supporting Islamic republic of Iran and some groups like Jihad and Hamas, and there are Antifas who supporting State of Israel and they are against those Islamist and at the same time supporting Refugees!

That was not the only contradiction; there were people who supporting openly the Islamist groups including Islamic Republic of Iran, while they were there to fight for the rights of Refugees. There were also other opinions supporting the peoples like Chaves who run the reactionary army of his ex-government.

These things reflect itseleve in the discussion about our parrot “we are here because you are destroying our lands”. This Moto basically shows the reason why the people are forced to leave their lands, but at the same time it is not very precise about the big powers and their marionette regimes and other reactionary groups.

Big Capitalist powers after First World War and especially during Second World War developed a policy of producing alternatives for resistance struggles of the people of the world. For example according to the Doctrine of Truman, they produced, support and organized Islamist groups in front of Eastern bloc. Taliban and Alghaedeh are their recent product and not to forget their clear support for Khomini in Guadeloupe Conference to transfer the government of Shah of Iran to him, fearing of deepening the revolution in Iran. By these strategies they guaranty their control over masses of people, saving their reactionary marionette regimes and breaking the international solidarity between the different people.

Look! At the time that Islamic republic of Iran doing mass arrest, brutal torture and collective executions, their public Medias introduce that same regime as anti imperialist and anti Israel and at very same time support state reformists as a possible alternative for those conservatives. In the same way, they introduce the regimes like government of Sadam and groups like Hizboalah and others Islamist as anti Imperialist and terrorists. In fact these reactionary organizations are the agent of them. But they use them to label any resistance and protest as terrorist action. In this way they force the different people of the world to side either with them or with those reactionaries.

We should not let them to divide us like that. Siding with each of them ended to reinforce their whole horror system of Capitalism. As a result we can develop our basic Moto so that there would be no place for reactionaries. Perhaps it is more correct to say: “We are here because Capitalists and reactionaries destroying our lands”.

Said- Bremen

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