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Open letter of protest against voucher system in KSA Wittenberg

Open letter of protest against voucher system in KSA Wittenberg

The refugee initiative Möhlau Wittenberg is strongly denouncing and protesting for the abuse of voucher system that the “KSA “of local government of Wittenberg accepted and used to discriminate innocent refugees assigned to be protected in their local government.

We are also emphasising our protest not only to the competent authority but also to the consumers company such as „KAUFLAND, LIDIL. ALDI and PENNY MARKT” that accepted the „Gutschein” instead of cash be used in their company by innocent refugees. The directors of these companies should consider that the lives of innocent refugees were been affected because of their personal decisions. They should stop the collaborative measures with KSA and say no to inhuman treatment and injustice.

Gutschein contribute to generate unnecessary sicknesses to refugees because refugees were been forced to what they eat rather than to choose what the want to eat the consequences leads to not having a freedom of choice.

Gutschein are been used abusively by the „KSA Wittenberg „ the competent authority whereby african refugees were highly targeted, forced to “Gutschein” without a concrete reason for many years.

Now it is winter and not forgetting that these refugees were been isolated in the federal reserved forest near a little village , whereby the intensity of snow falls is high and is extremely cold without mobility access and no near by shopping centre. Still the KSA of Wittenberg ignored the reality and are still practising “Gutschein” system while other local government had abolished the practice.

The use of “Gutshein” as tactics of repression is not the solution to an innocent refugee whose live were been endangered because of war, conflicts, political persecutions etc. It contributes to torturing innocent refugees.

The above remarks mentioned is one of the reason why we are denouncing theses practices and at the same time giving a signal to the competent authority of Wittenberg to put in consideration the refugees dignity and perspective in consideration.

We the refugees demanded for the abolition of the “Gutschein” system in Wittenberg and calling for a normal social system for all without discrimination.

The refugee initiative Möhlau Wittenberg