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Behrouz Karimizadeh, leading student of Tehran University disappeared

Following the student protests “16 AZAR” in Tehran on November 20th last year, Behrouz Karimizadeh student activist at the University of Tehran has disappeared beginning of January 2007.

The disappearance is not unprecedented as Behrouz had previously been kidnapped and brutally beaten by the state supported Islamic militias.

Behrooz has been frequently summoned, and interrogated by Iran’s Ministry of Information; particularly prior to student rallies and protests, and was eventually suspended from the University for one semester as documented by the Human Rights Watch’s October 2006 report on “Denying the Right to Education”. (p 11)

We demand immediate release of Behrouz Karimizadeh, an end to the systematic suppression of the student activists by the Islamic Republic of Iran, recognition of basic civil rights, and an end to current persecution of student and women organizations as well as labor unions by the Iranian government.