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Declaration of the Communist Party of Iran (M-L-M)

Be realistic! Demand the impossible!

The Declaration of the Communist Party of Iran (M-L-M), on the occasion of the first of May, 2010

May first, International Workers Day, arrives after a tumultuous year that brought forward hopes for great change. The fury of the masses poured forth, like a torrent of volcanic lava erupting through openings created by the contradictions within the ruling class. Although this great uprising of the people, was ultimately crushed by the ruling class and the efforts of the reformists were contained, the possibility of the fire of the peoples fury could, at any moment, blaze forth even more extensively than before, challenging the shaky, crisis-ridden regime.

As the first of the May approaches, the Islamic Republic of Iran, in accordance with the wishes of the World Bank (WB) and International Monetary Fund (IMF), is unleashing reactionary and destructive plans to eliminate all subsidies (that had been sustaining people for many years). This is another effort by the regime to force people to tighten their belts and force people further down the poverty line. Some of the regime’s industrial projects have faced a dead end. Many of their mega factories are facing forced vacations and layoffs. Wages have been suspended (held by regime or factory owners who cannot pay) and many small producers are facing complete bankruptcy because of the unplanned economy and irrational imports. Many working people have poured into the major cities with no direction and have been able to sell their working abilities only a few months a year. The lack of payments of wages to workers, crushing their protests, prohibiting the functioning of workers organizations, imprisonment of activist workers individually or as a group, coupled with economical, political, cultural and social crisis and the loss legitimacy, could give rise to more resistance.

Today the key question is not the degree (the size of) of the workers participation in the recent uprising, nor it is how many or when and to what extent the workers will participate in (future) struggles or how they will pursue their economic demands. The question is what will be political role of the working class in coming circumstances.

Will the working class enter the scene as a partner of the bourgeoisie or as a leader of the revolution? Will different oppressed strata and classes unite around the aims and politics of this class or the leadership of “The Green Wave”?
Will this working class, by relying on it’s own forces and other oppressed masses,
be able to crush (violently overthrow) the reactionary ruling class, and build a different and a qualitative new state or will bourgeoisie leaders, through reform and rebuilding of this religious state, once again will be able to fool people? To be able to answer this has everything do to with the level of participation and insight (knowledge) of the communist movement.

Communists cannot confront “great impossibilities” without going against the tide.. The international bourgeoisie is working hard to make people believe that communism is nothing but an impossible dream. In the last two decades the bourgeoisie has been busy declaring the death of communism. But the very workings of capitalism and the suffering that it has brought to the people of the world, proves the contrary.

Today the world is entangled in a huge knot.

On the one hand, we can observe the bankruptcy of the capitalist system (that contradicts) and the needs of human beings for a just and cooperating society, with a common goal.
Human society has reached the point where a whole different world is possible. The heavy chains of tradition can be broken all over the world. Humanity is capable of surviving on its own. There are new methods (of productions) and new understandings that could overcome poverty, inequality. We can go beyond any kinds of oppression and exploitation. These are new things and new ideas.
On the other hand the subjective factor- the situation of communist movement - is lagging behind the favorable objective situation.

The communist movement is facing a crucial and dangerous crossroads. Communists will either act as a vanguard (of the future); summing up the accomplishments of the first wave of the proletariat revolutions (specifically the struggles of the proletariat in the 20th century that led to the establishment of proletariat states in Soviet Union and China) –and critically summing up the shortcomings and apply the new synthesis of the science of communism. Or, will become a remnant of the past, and therefore not be able to change the world.

Our historical situation is very similar to that which Marx, Lenin and Mao faced and we need to approach it with the same scientific and creative methods and approach the viability of the communism in theory and practice, but in a much higher level.

The very position of the proletariat provides the basis for this social force to reorganize the society and the world in a (totally) different way. The strategic significance of this class does not flow from its shear numbers, or the integrity of its individuals, nor the level that is being oppressed and exploited. The importance of this class in human history is based on its ability to move society towards a new and qualitatively different production methods and social reorganization.

“Proletariat”, was not and is not the “invention” of communists to implement certain politics. This is the expression of a scientific discovery the highest contribution of capitalism. The crucial importance of the proletariat is its position as a class. This position cannot be equated or is about the interest of this or the other sections of the workers movement at any given time. The interest of the proletariat, as a world class, is its ability to open up new conditions for humanity as a whole. In era of private ownership and socialized production, it is only the proletariat revolution that can move social relations to a whole qualitative and a different level. Where is possible to break with all traditional relations in ownership and ideas. It is this position that gives the proletariat, the ability to lead others in the revolutionary overthrow of the old system with the aim of emancipation of the whole humanity.

But lack of a scientific understanding of the role and the significance of this class (proletariat) has caused many ex-communists to lose their hopes about the possibility of changing the world.

For some “the working class” has become a code word, to justify their conservatism in actions and discourage debates and politicization. It has become the code word to intimidate the revolutionary youth movement, to stunt the creative thinking of intellectuals, to undermine the significance the women movement and to concentrate on the most limited economic demands of workers.
These people turn the working class or individuals within it into an icon to be worshiped. By doing this they think that they can be immune from bourgeois or petty bourgeoisie influences.
Here goes out the door the value of the communist consciousness.

Such a limited view does not grasp the objective revolutionary potential of different strata and classes. These harmful views prevent the communists to understand and shoulder their responsibilities in the recent mass uprising.
These bowing down in the face of “great impossibilities” are justified in many ways.

It is expressed as a formula that says, one cannot effect or take advantage of this movement because this movement has arisen out of and has been polarized, in a harmful way, through the openings of cracks amongst the ruling class. This view insists that there is no way to re-polarize this movement in the interest of the oppressed masses of society. This viewpoint (practically) strengthens the role of the bourgeoisie leadership over the mass movement, while it is expressed sometimes in ‘rightist’ or ‘leftist’ forms.
Some people are insisting - in theory and in action- to tail the bourgeoisie and wait till a section of the bourgeoisie become mature enough to open up a democratic space to establish workers unions and syndicates.

This viewpoint, at its best thinks, that the working class can radicalize the movement by raising its economic demands. Others argue that this movement belongs to the middle class forces and has no “socialist character” thus working class should not enter in to this political fray. By doing this they too leave the masses of the people at the mercy of the bourgeoisie and at the same time, deprive the working class of a chance to enter the struggle and engage with other class forces; thus, preventing them from learning how to lead the movement. According to this point of view, the democratic demands of the masses such as the separation of religion and state, or calls for equality and freedom for women and youth bear no relations to the working class and proletarian solutions. This view portrays communism through the narrow horizon of workers economic demands. This view sees no relations between the struggle for liberation of women that targets the class society and the private ownership, with communism and social revolutions.
The reality is that you cannot radicalize the movement just by introducing working class’s demands into the fray. Of course, by integrating specific demands of different strata like students, women, workers and oppressed nationalities, you could expand the reach of the movement without being able to re-polarize it politically. But to confront different programs of different classes you have to present your strategic plans and goals. As long as- the whole political foundation that leads this movement is left unchallenged. As long as this spontaneous action is not challenged and guided by conscious struggle to go beyond the current (suffocating) ideological and political framework of - contending ruling classes- and as long as the proletariat revolution has not been put forward as the only real, correct and scientific solution- there will be no possibility of a liberating future. The responsibility of the revolutionary communists is essentially - going against the tide- seriously confronting and transforming the existing political landscape; reorganizing forces instead of just supporting or radicalizing the current movement within the present political framework. There is a tremendous material basis to do this. There is basis to put forward the most liberating views and re-polarize the society through that.

The task of communist forces does not change because of the number of the forces that get involve in struggle. This is an expression of and limitations of economist views. The question is how to involve workers, other classes and strata in this movement and lead them with a communist line.

The proletariat revolution is not just the proletarian struggle. Such a revolution requires involving all kinds of masses from different strata. Amongst the proletarians some will participate under the banner of different programs and classes, at least for a certain period. But throughout the process of the revolutionary struggle, the worldview and the interest of the proletariat should be strongly expressed and propagated and huge numbers of masses, especially amongst the proletarians and other strata, should be out there that embody and represent communist ideology, worldview and interests. It is based on this foundation that the revolution can go forward. The key link in bringing forward huge masses of proletarians as the main and central force for revolution is the all around political-ideological activities and lines guided by a scientific, method and worldview.

The communist movement of Iran is in the need of a whole new housecleaning. Without sorting through and discarding the incorrect and unscientific views inherited from the past, this movement cannot play its vanguard role. This is the method and approach armed with the new synthesis of the science of communism that allows us to become a vanguard of this communist movement.
Today the communists of Iran are in a unique situation. Once more the uprising of the masses of people has provided us with an important historic opportunity to organize and take a giant leap and contribute to the world revolution. 30 years ago the communists of Iran paid a heavy price when reactionary (fundamentalist) Khomini forces stole the revolution.
Communists could not provide the necessary leadership for the people’s struggle at that time. That mistake should not be repeated this time. We need to unleash the potential of the masses of people and strengthen their creativity and transform them as a material and effective force to help them to transform themselves and the current situation. Communist leadership is an urgent and all around necessity. Our party has decided to provide that urgent need with all of our ability and energy, to make the impossible, possible and to take that historic and huge responsibility.
The first of May is a great occasion to declare this responsibility and to join those, whose aim is to liberate humanity.

Long Live Revolution!
Long Live Communism!
Long Live Proletariat Internationalism!
Death to Islamic Republic!

Communist Party of Iran (M-L-M)


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