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Open letter to the competent commission in charge of refugees housing condition in the local government of Wittenberg.

Open letter to the competent commission in charge of refugees housing condition in the local government of Wittenberg.
Lager Möhlau im winter

It is generally known that we refugees were been attributed to live in the local government of Wittenberg by the federal office of refugees and migrants.We were indirectly forced to live in an extreme isolated condition whereby, instead of residing us in the different cities that comprises to make up the local government, we were isolated in the village not even directly to the village town but to the out skate of the village in between the federal reserved forest. The place is called Möhlau. The border between the local government of Bitterfeld and the local government of Wittenberg.

Möhlau itself is one of the smallest village in the local government of Wittenberg and it is relatively far from Wittenberg and Gräfenhainichen where the foreign office tries to create a branch office.

There is no train station in möhlau only in around 8 to 9 kilometre away in another village.

For the German citizen to be able to live in this village, they would necessary need to have a driving licence and a car for mobility purposes and for their days to days activities but however, we refugees that were been directly or indirectly forced to live in that same village but out skated, have no self mobility access only few and were interdicted not to have a driving licence.

The refugee camp where we live is surrounded by trees during summer time and surrounded by snow during winter time,unable to interact in the society to which, we refugees could exchange view on, to which our children would like to play around contributes to endanger our psychological lives and perspective. The position of the actual Refugee camp of Möhlau is meant for a military strategy and purposes not for the civil society especially refugees.

But nevertheless, it has been used for refugees camp in which, refugees from different parts of the world with different cultural and educational background were assigned to live, not even for temporary purposes but for consecutive years to stay.

We refugees living in Möhlau camp is highly isolated, that it makes the matter worst and difficult for we refugees to accomplish our appointments either with the competent authority or for a medical appointments because of lack of mobility access and finance, mostly caused because of the voucher system introduced. It makes it unable to be able to pay for Taxis etc.

The inability of having a nearby appropriate shopping centre, where we refugees could easily go and buy what we need contributes to the problems we were facing in möhlau.

The majority of refugees were been discriminated by issuing them Voucher instead of cash, developed by the SD social Wittenberg without a concrete reason for many years, then the question is how would we refugees would be able to survive in this kind of discriminative tactics? They ignored that the refugees were innocent and are living in isolation. How could the refugees cope with the transport system and to be able to buy what they want to buy in a far distanced shopping centre, in a far distanced appointments with the competent authority, in a far distanced medical appointments.

Living in the isolation without working permit in Wittenberg for refugees who have accomplished all the necessary requirement of integration and who could be independent to care for their living and contribute to do a beneficial thing to the local government should be considered.

Some of the refugees have no other possibilities of existence in the land from which, the refugees had their last residence, because of damages caused by war, damages caused because of political persecution, family disintegration, social disintegration, having no state protection and state recognition- statelessness. Some of the refugees had no family affiliation. However, repression on refugees could not solve the solution rather, it contributes to endanger their health and perspective.

Therefore, real refugees forced to live in isolation camp in Möhlau should be put in consideration and abolishing the practice in the local government of Wittenberg would be highly appreciated. The isolation is causing a great damages to the lives of innocent refugees who supposed to have accorded perspective and protection and at the same time the psychological effect of the measures imposed to the innocent refugees are irreversible in what concerned their health.

We refugees living in the local government of Wittenberg had researched the treatments we received from the competent authority of Wittenberg with the treatments received by other refugees attributed to other local governments, the result was quit obvious that we were highly oppressed and ignored in what concerned the Working permit, the resident permit, the interpretation of the law, the voucher system, the housing system although, Wittenberg is a great historical Christian city, refugees were surprise to have been treated in such a manner.

We refugees have had a long patience waiting for a change in the local government of Wittenberg,because the world development has been changing for the past decade. We are simply refugees and does not mean that we shall be killed or discriminated, abandoned, isolated without perspectives, humiliated, segregated in the society to which we should have been living in peace and happiness.

We refugee at the same time are making known to the competent authority of Wittenberg to put in consideration the economical development and the geopolitical situation of the local government and its state in comparative to other states before isolating refugees.

We refugees finally need our freedom, especially refugees, who have been highly integrated in the society. Instead of forcing to live in isolation, private houses would have been better and cheaper and it contributes also to save the lives of innocent refugees, in what concerns their health and psychological condition also contributes to respect their human dignity and freedom.

We refugees are only demanding for a cheap private houses to which could be shared by 2 refugees or one depending, if it is one room or flat. We refugees don't need a luxurious private houses that could be highly costly.

We refugees condemn the use of our presence as an object of making money by the owners of the isolated camps, without considering the damages that it could cause to our lives and health, without considering to ameliorate our standards of living, without considering our human dignity, without considering our own perspective and survival, without considering that we need protection.

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Speaker: salomon Wantchoucou