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"Residenzpflicht" on trial


2nd Protest Action in Erfurt at the Landesgericht Thüringen
Monday, 13 December 2004 – 9am
Landesgericht Erfurt – Domplatz 37
Recent press decleration (German)

The sins against hope are the only sins that have neither forgiveness nor capitulation.
Eduardo Galeano

On Wednesday the 9th of December, the Palestinian refugee and human rights activist Ahmed Sameer will be on trial at the Landesgericht in Erfurt. His process is the result of three police controls related to the racist Residenzpflicht (Obligatory Residency Law). Ahmed is expected to pay either 150 euros or spend 50 days in jail. He is also threatened with fines for several hundred more euros for other controls (the fine for the 4th fine, not yet taken before the court, is 200 euros). Since Ahmed
considers the law to be unjust, he has decided to not pay even one cent to the authorities for his freedom of movement.

The Obligatory Residency Law has its roots in a time where many Germans do not want to be remember (or be remembered for that matter). Even as far back as 1938 there was a police decree for foreigners published in the Reich Law Bulletin (Reichsgesetzblatt) number 132. In paragraphs one and two of the document, the authorities decreed that any foreigner who left his municipal without previous of the authorities would be fined with 150 Reichmarks and/or sent to prison (Never Again?!).

The decision to go to prison (in Thüringen) for almost two months is not easy. Nevertheless, it is better for him to be his own example and to demonstrate to us that we do not have to participate in injustice, that each person must decide if he/she is willing to accept it or not.

It is therefore very important that we do not leave Ahmed alone. We must categorically show the authorities that Ahmed is not alone nor the only one who under in any way accepts such injustice; because NEVER AGAIN cannot just be an empty phrase. NEVER AGAIN can also not simply be left to history, for then it would be meaningless.


An Initiative of Refugees and Migrants of Berlin

For more information ontakt: Osaren Igbignoba (0176-24568988) +++ Ahmed
Sameer (0173-8463038)
E-Mail: thevoice_congress at

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