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Urgent appeal from the Internationalist Nepalese Solidarity Forum



It has became grave concern for us that many Nepalese, who have been the victims of semi- feudal, semi-colonial and undemocratic state of Nepal are taking asylum here as their rights are arrested by the German authorities from different parts of Germany.

Shrestha Rajkumar, Joshi Yogesh and Thapa Shailendra from Markishcher Kries, Sharma Kumar from Münster, Sharma Kumar from Olpe Kreis were arrested this weak and is in Büren prison to deport back to Nepal. There are other confirmed many reports of Nepalese who are arrested from other parts of the Northrein Westfalen and other States.

Among these detainees Mr. Shrestha, Mr. Joshi and Mr. Thapa are in indefinite hunger strike from 9 May 2006. After their hunger strike they are separated and are not allowed to call or meet with other friends. Their health condition is gradually worsening..

World know that Nepalese people’s were struggling last month defying curfew, ban orders, resisting teargas, bullet, etc for completely abolishing Monarchical system and the establishment of full-fledged democratic system in the country. During the 19 days long massive protest more than 21 Nepali were killed and 6 thousands were injured. The brutality of Royal Nepal Army, Armed Police Force was widely exposed from the different medias like BBC, CNN, etc.

After the conspiracy imposed by autocratic Gyanendra for the reestablishment of parliament without addressing the peoples demand, the political parties of Nepal went in government and joined hands with Feudal Gyanendra. Political parties betrayed the voice of the masses, civil society and the CPN (Maoist). Instead of doing radical changes, bringing Royal army in the hand of people, sacking monarch these parties are fighting themselves for ministers and are not addressing the People’s and CPN (Maoist) demand which will help just to prolong the civil war in the country. So, after the protest also only the faces are changed but the cruelty, respect of human rights, etc is in severe condition.

It should be clearly understand that to meet the people’s desire which was reflected during the protest by the Nepali people for peace, progress and democracy, there must be declaration of interim constitution, formation of interim government with Maoist, and unconditional constituent assembly must be held. Without this neither the Nepalese peoples interest will be meet nor the civil war will be solved.

Thousands of people were murdered in the captivity propagated as fake encounters, more than 15 hundred disappeared people are still unknown. Gross violation of human rights, extra judicial killings, gang rapes, massacre and extreme danger for the public life based on the political belief forced thousands of people to hide or to flee the home will exist by the Royal army and police until and unless people enjoy the real political power. So, it is absolutely ridiculous and obviously unjustifiable to deport the Nepalese without establishing the total democracy in Nepal.

So, we therefore urgently demand and appeal to all the human rights organisation, German government, press and civil society to stop deportation and unconditional release of all the detainees currently being held untill the establishment of republic Nepal.

Tiwari, Binod
(General Secretary)

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