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Petition for deportation stop to Togo to the German Parliament


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Concerning: Protection for Refugees from the Togolese Dictatorship and Nationwide Deportationstop to Togo

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The German Bundestag (German parliament) may decide that--according to the corresponding articles of the General Declaration of Human Rights, the International Convention for the Protection of Refugees, and the German Asylum Law-- refugees from Togo who fled from the dictatorship in their home country are granted protection in Germany and that deportations to Togo will not take place.

It is unacceptable and against human rights that German authorities, especially the BAMF (“Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtinge” //Federal Office for Migration and Refugees).and the “Auswärtiges Amt” (AA--Foreign Ministry) and the majority of the admiistrative courts that decide mainly on the basis of the report from the AA, refuse to give refugees from the Togolese dictatorship the garuanteed right of protection against persecution.

It is unaceptable that, on one hand, the situation in Togo is described correctly (though not clearly enough), to the effect that it is an autocratic regime with a very efficent and repressive security machinery that, brutally and by all means, oppresses every questioning of its total supremacy. On the other hand, the authorities in Germany see no reason for a dangerous situation for asylum seekers from Togo.

Human rights organisations and the UNHCR have made it unmistakably clear --and the the AA is informed about this position -- that the official and unofficial Security Forces of the RPT-Regime act unpredictably and arbitrarily against oppositionists or those suspected of belonging to them. Spies of the regime are everywhere. It is wrong to say that only highly committed and leading members of the opposition are persecuted. The counter-evidence is shown by several tens of housands of refugees in the neighboring countries. Especially, the not well known opponents of the dictatorship face the threats and the attacks of the militia and the RTP-members without protection
It is wrong and only serves the aim of deportation and refusing asylum, when the AA and the Bundesamt claim that refugees who are being deported from Germany do not face any danger when they arrive in Togo. Firstly, there are some concrete examples where it is the other way round; the recent ones are the case of Alassane Mousbaou and of the Togolese-refugee from Bavaria who was deported on the 10th of January and arrested and beaten right after he arrived. And secondly, the regime knows pretty well that attacks against the deported persons at the airport itself could cause trouble with the German authorities. But since it is necessary that family or friends always have to vouch for the deported one and have to give a concrete adress, the regime has time and patience to organise their repression without the knowledge of the public. That is why a lot of deported opponents of the regime flee again right after their arrival.

These facts have been confirmed indirectly by the AA in the “kleine Anfrage”(short inquiry) (BT-DRS. Nr: 16/571)which says::” According to our knowledge the Togolese authorities generally try to treat the returning people in a correct manner, so that neither the German authorities nor the Togolese exile organisations have a reason to criticize them”

So it is confirmed, as one knows anyhow, it is all just tactics.

It is wrong and only serves the aim of deportation and asylum refusal when the AA and the Bundesamt claim that exile political activities cause no persecution. The exile political activities are a thorn on the side of the regime, because the character of the Eyadema.RPT-powers will be exposed to the public and will damage the relations and negotiations with the European countries. Protests like the ones at the EXPO in Hannover, the rally at the Togo embassy in Paris during the Africa-France Summit 2003, the hunge rstrike of the “International Campaign Against the Dictatorship in Togo” in Berlin 2004 caused reactions from the side of the regime in Lomé. Repeatedly the refugees from the dictatorship were discribed as bandits. During the stay of the spokesperson of the “International Campaign” in West Africa in spring 2004, there was a search for him in Togo and Ghana. Alassane Mousbaou was confronted with the acivities and pictures of the “International Campaign”. His deportation, against all warnings, has lead to the fact that he is now living under precarious conditions, hidden in Ghana. His friend, who picked him up at the airport and vouched for him, is also being searched for by the regime and had to flee.

The Niedersachsen Refugee Council, referring to the recent report of the AA, said:” The report corresponds to the usual pattern that the AA usually uses: First, the general political conditions in the country are described (violations against human rights, no independent legal system, torture, police attacks etc.) in a quite realistic way. But then, as a second step, it is declared, that Togolese refugees in Germay are not affected by all this when they go home.”

This continuing policy of human rights violations against refugees from theTogolese dictatoraship has to come to an end and their rights have to be restored.

In this sense, the Petition Committee is asked to guarantee the protection of the affected ones and to help realize the long-demanded deportation stop to Togo.