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Press conference of the Ahmad family on 9 March 2021 from 13:30 in front of the NRW state parliament in Düsseldorf

Stellungnahme der KARAWANE
für die Rechte der Flüchtlinge und MigrantInnen

zum zweiten Todestag von Amed Ahmad

We remember Amed Ahmad died on 29 September 2018 under as yet unexplained circumstances.

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Amed Ahmad fled the war in Syria and lived in Geldern. On 6 July 2018, he was arrested without cause. He was deprived of his liberty for 73 days until he burned to death in his cell in Kleve Prison on 17 September 2018 under as yet unexplained circumstances. He spent 12 days in hospital. His father, who lives in Bonn, was not notified during this time. He only learned of his son's death through the media. His mother and siblings were fleeing the war in Syria. Amed longed for them and feverishly awaited their reunion.

Repeated excuses, lies, cover-ups and mishaps are being constructed to portray the death of Amed Ahmad as a "accident". Tomorrow, Tuesday 9 March 2021, the 28th parliamentary enquiry committee on the subject will take place in the NRW state parliament. On this occasion, the parents, friends and family of Amed Ahmad are calling for a press conference.

Press conference of the Ahmad family on 9 March 2021
from 13:30 in front of the NRW state parliament in Düsseldorf

On 6 July 2018, Amed Ahmad is arrested by the police in Geldern. That same evening he is transferred to the prison in Geldern-Pont. He is then transferred to the prison in Kleve on 10 July 2018. On 17 September 2018, his cell is on fire. Amed Ahmad is transported by ambulance to the Sankt-Antonius Hospital in Kleve. He is not stationed there, but is taken by helicopter to the hospital in Duisburg. A week later on 24 September 2020, he is put into an artificial coma and taken to the Bergmannsheil Hospital in Bochum. On 29 September he dies after a lung transplant. These are the known and undiscussable facts.

When, after Amed Ahmad's death, the public learned about his death and the illegal deprivation of liberty, the Minister of the Interior of North Rhine-Westphalia, Mr. Reul, promised clarification and apologised to Amed Ahmad's family members.

In the meantime, it is certain that all investigations by the public prosecutors' offices into the case have been terminated. None of the officers interviewed can remember why they deprived Amed Ahmad of his freedom for any length of time. The prosecutors have ignored information on data processing and identification. Errors on the part of the officers have so far remained without consequences, although they led to Amed Ahmad being deprived of his liberty in Kleve Prison.

It is to be noted that the identification service treatment in Krefeld after a night journey without a ticket on 4 July 2018, i.e. two days before Amed Ahmad's arrest, was carried out on the basis of a factually flawed justification.

It is also clear that between 4 and 9 July 2018, i.e. the period before and shortly after Amed Ahmad's arrest, his data was searched several times in the police databases and merged with that of another person with a different name and obviously different appearance. It is now also clear that the entries and data in the police ViVA databases of the state of NRW have obviously been manipulated.

The reports or statements regarding the arrest that have become public since his death contradict or differ. The officials involved give different versions in the parliamentary committee of enquiry, in the investigations, in the press. Why was Amed Ahmad arrested? Because the daughter of a police officer had called her father or because Gelden police officers deliberately sought him out and arrested him?

For us it is unambiguous and clear: Amed Ahmad was not killed because of data errors, but because of misconduct or deliberate misconduct by police officers. What Interior Minister Reul will do to clear this up remains to be seen.

We are united and determined: We will support the family, friends of Amed Ahmad as long as necessary and prevent that once again the truth is executed by lies and cover-ups in public, that once again a human being is killed and put on file.

We support the family of Amed Ahmad in their efforts and call for people to attend their press rally and continue to support them.

Wuppertal, 8 March 2021

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