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Call for the 14th anniversary to commemorate Oury Jalloh

Call For The 14th Anniversary Demo to Commemorate #OuryJalloh on January 7, 2019 in #Dessau / #Saxony-Anhalt

On behalf of the survivors of the Diallo family, especially in the name of the parents Mariama Djombo Diallo and Elhadji Boubakar Diallo, who died without being informed and getting answers to their legitimate questions about the cruel assassination of their son Oury Jalloh, we invite all solidarians, activists, initiatives and organizations to our annual demonstration to commemorate Oury Jalloh at January 7, 2019 to Dessau, East Germany.

January 7, 2019

13:00: Opening gathering

Meeting point: Main train station (Hbf) Dessau-Roßlau | forecourt

14:00: Start of the demonstration

.. 14 years without clearing up

.. 14 years without apology to the bereaved

.. 14 years without acknowledgment of the overwhelming evidence

.. 14 years without justice

.. 14 years without compensation

Police, judiciary and politicians have denied the investigation of the murder of Oury Jalloh in police custody for 14 years now and also denied the investigation of at least two more deaths in the Dessau police station.

An allegedly independent judiciary has been protecting policemen from the Dessau police station for 14 years, even though they know that the police officers who have been there for many years arbitrarily and illegally held people in police custody, tortured and even killed them …

The handling of state authorities with the case of Oury Jalloh has opened a window that shows the unity of powers of the Federal Republic of Germany:

In the Oury-Jalloh complex , the impunity of the perpetrators resulted in at least two other murder cases in Dessau police station following the apparent murder of Hans-Jürgen Rose in December 1997 : Mario Bichtemann in October 2002 and Oury Jalloh in January 2005.

The deaths of Hans-Jürgen Rose and Mario Bichtemann also did not result in any changes in this inhumane system of illegal deprivation of liberty and torture as a result of the capped investigations of the prosecutor’s office in Dessau-Roßlau and the higher management levels of the Dessau Police Department.

Although three people were murdered, the perpetrators remained undisturbed in office. At the same time, the police chiefs responsible for Dessau were all recruited undisturbed into the highest positions of the Interior Ministry of Saxony-Anhalt.

The NSU complex, Police Murders of Blacks * People of Color * People from Kola Bankole 1994 to Aamir Ageeb 1999 , Ndeye Mareame Sarr 2000 , Achidi John 2001 , Laye Alama Conde 2005 , Dominique Koumadio 2006 , Christy Schwundeck 2011 to Amos Thomas 2016 , the police murder of Halim Dener in 1994 and many other people, as well as the numerous unexplained deaths in judicial custody – such as Yaya Jabbie’s 2016 , Jaber al-Bakr’s 2016 or Amad Ahmad’s who burned to death in a prison cell in the prison in Kleve in September 2018 – have much in common: Investigations are delayed and obstructed, evidence manipulated, disposed or not secured at all, accusations ineligibly minimized or unlevied. If, in exceptional cases, there should be legal proceedings against the perpetrators* of the state, the court proceedings are a farce. Hand in hand judges and public prosecutors guarantee the widest possible impunity of perpetrators who are working for the state.

The need to organize independent control and reconnaissance structures

A state can not and does not want to control itself, let alone judge itself. Ultimately, this state of mind can only be counteracted by civil society-organized control mechanisms and the establishment of independent reconnaissance structures that function on the basis of solidary networks. In the NSU- and in the Oury-Jalloh complex, the essential findings were enforced with research of civil society and donation-based investigations as well as reports by international experts and against the resistance of all powers of this state. By continuing to set up an international independent commission to clarify the truth about the death of Oury Jalloh, we continue our reconnaissance work – independent and unimpressed by judicial or political decisions in the months and years to come.

We have watched or investigated the impunity for perpetrators in the service of the state as well as the passive and active support of crimes against migrant lives long enough in Germany …
… It is time for changes!

Following the impressive attendance of the last two demonstrations on January 7, 2017 and 2018, we hope for continuity in public support, solidarity and determination to commemorate Oury Jalloh 2019!

Never forgive never Forget!

No further casualties!

Control by civil society against state abuse of violence!

Clarification of the Oury-Jalloh Complex! – Support an International Independent Commission!

Oury Jalloh – That was murder!

Two videos with cuts of the press conference from the UN’s WGEPAD evaluation visit to Germany’s preliminary report at the Berlin Federal Press Conference on the 27th od February 27th (official part) including an interview with the Chief Rapporteur Mr. Sunga on the Oury Jalloh case.