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The Administrative Court’s Decision on 19.05.2016 in Magdeburg: Germany vs Salomon Wantchoucou

We are informing the public that the German Administrative Court has accorded to Salomon Wantchoucou a Subsidiary Protection.

The Court hearing was public. Therefore, Salomon Wantchoucou, his lawyer and some supporters were present in room 11. It was at that room that the Judge took the official decision. The court’s decision enables the life of Salomon Wantchoucou to be legally protected according to the applicable law. It also indicates the independence of the judiciary.

Despite thirteen years of repression, it raises the question why the administration wants to destroy and kill him?

We thank all grassroots movement, all groups of the civil society that contribute one way or the other by denouncing injustice and discrimination. We equally thank all through your various supports.

Protect all refugees and stop killing us! In solidarity.