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Deportation Hearing of African Refugees in Berlin on 19th of May

Lutherstadt Wittenberg: Deportation Hearing of African refugees in Berlin. Sovereignty and Violation of Sovereignty of Nation-states.

It was scheduled by “Zentralen Abschiebungsstelle Halberstadt” on the 19. 05. 2015 in “ Landesamt für Bürger- und Ordnungsangelegenheiten (LABO) Friedrich-Krause-Uffer 24, 13353 Berlin.”

The foreign office of Lutherstadt Wittenberg has listed names of African refugees. They are obliged to be in Berlin for hearing and procurement of traveling documents with the so called “Delegation” from Mali.

We are denouncing this implementation and hearing strategy that emphasize on African nation-states.

This process creates administrative errors, manipulations , and accusations irrelevant to the existing laws in Germany. It also endangers and exposes the lives of refugees that are to confront the government of the country they fled from persecution, etc.

Previous errors, manipulation and false accusation have occurred through this process.

These are used as a pretext to repress and deny refugees their legal right-that they did not cooperate, that they gave false identity, that they deceit their nationality etc. These errors create negative impacts to refugees that declared their official identity from the beginning.

Stop colonial mentality! According to Matlou, Muchie and Osha (2012), “Colonialism’s advent was a brutal one, fashioned in 1884–1985 when European racists carved up Africa into... [parts]” (P.143).

This process also violate the sovereignty of African nation-states, for instance, by sending refugees to confront delegations from another land.

Germans live also in Africa!

Stop deportation! Working permit to to all! Stop abusing us! Protect us!