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Report on the Manifestation of Refugees in Lutherstadt Wittenberg on 16.04.2015

The manifestation was successful as planned. The refugees self organizations initiated and organized themselves to denounce all illicit and arbitrary practices applied to them by the responsible authority, together with their supporters “Antirassistisches Netzwerk Sachsen-Anhalt” in Lutherstadt Wittenberg.1

Our demand was clear and precise;

All the so called “Geduldete Flüchtlinge” that are residing in Germany for so many years and are interdicted not to work must be legalized without compromise.

They must be compensated for the atrocities committed on them of depriving them their legal existence and perspectives. A lots were made sick.

Those civil servants responsible for this implementations in the foreign office must resign. They contributed in tarnishing the image of the local government.

If Luther was alive he would have not accept to discriminate refugees in the local government of Lutherstadt Wittenberg as such.

We are watching how the responsible authorities are treating us.

Press publications:

Flüchtlingsbewegung Sachsen-Anhalt

1 See the Historical Bacground of our initiated Action on 16.04.2015