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Lutherstadt Wittenberg: Persecution, Repression and Criminalization of the political and human right activist Salomon Wantchouco

Lutherstadt Wittenberg: Persecution, Repression and Criminalization of the political and human right activist Salomon Wantchoucou by the Employee of the Foreign Office of Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

The employee of the foreign office of Lutherstadt Wittenberg is intentionally persecuting, repressing, accusing, criminalizing and endangering Salomon Wantchoucou’s life and perspective.

Wantchoucou’s life and perspective are endangered because of his political engagement to denounce, criticize the unjustified administrative abuses that are not compactible to the Administrative Laws, Asylum Laws and Foreign Laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

He is an activist of the Caravan for the Right of Refugees and Migrant, The Voice Refugee Forum and one of the founding member of Flüchtlingsbewegung Sachsen Anhalt. He is engaged politically with other fellow refugees to close one of the destructive refugees camp called Mohlau in Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

Since 2008 BAMF sent him to Lutherstadt Wittenberg ending of 2008, he has been confronting intimidation, abuses, insults, repression, persecution and criminalization. They have exposed him to danger that would have killed him by exposing him to confront Benin’s delegate from Africa, where he fled political persecution and assassination attempt despite the fact that he deserves legal protection. They denied him to work for so many years. They denied him his nationality. They gave false information to inquiries with the pretext that he did not cooperate despite the fact that he had deposited for long time his official documents to the responsible authority and had cooperated.

Presently, they planned and seek ways to criminalize him through false accusation.

On 02.02.2015, he went to prolong his document. The employee unprofessionally informed that he should bring new photos.

On 03.02.2015 at around 10: 30 hours he came with the demanded photos and a legalized copy of his official document.He firstly, presented the copy of his legalized document to the leader of the foreign office Silvia Makiola (different room) and sat with the photos demanded. He hoped that his turn will come and they will amicably call him. (He observed other refugees who were there before him).

He waited for long time no one attends to him instead they confusedly asked Next! Next! Like animals and putting confusion among refugees. He tried to inform them that he was there waiting for long time but they ignored his request. As he waited long time, he went to remind them again that he is still waiting by gently opening the door without harming anyone. (Which refugees used to open and present their problems). They unprofessionally closed the door in front of him showing discrimination. He gently reopen the door without harming anyone and present his documents and photos on the table informing them that he has been here long time and had medical appointment but no one addressed him and it was already getting to midday (Break hours).

He left again and waited outside, then he was called latter in to sign. As he entered, one civil servant positioned to provoke him to sign and at the same time insulted him that he has “Unknown identity”. He told him “you made me stateless”.

He could not sign because he did not feel comfortable at the position of the civil servant that forced him like a child to sign here now! To avoid inconveniences he gently took his document to a comfortable position to the left table where the second civil servant stands to sign. As he was signing he saw that they still interdicted him not to work.

He asked the civil servant at his left hand, “why after many years? You have all my documents?” "I should not work?" Without a proper answer she told him to hurry because she wants to go to break or I disappear! As he gently closed the door to go out, he saw that his signature was not well signed because of the harassment and disturbances.

Therefore, he tried to gently reopen the door to resign his signature, the civil servant pushed to close the door, he gently tried to open it to inform on the signature error, and they pushed to close the door again. Then he left with signature not properly signed and medication appointment missed.

Today being 01.04.2015 he received a letter to come for an interrogation as an accused on bodily injury on 14.04.2015 in SG 2 RKD Lutherstadt Wittenberg. He was wondering if this letter was really for him or mistakenly sent to him. Since he lived in Germany, he has never fight with anyone, or beat anyone. With whom does he fight with or beat to give bodily injury? Refugees present that day are all witness.

This is an evident how the responsible employees of the foreign office are intentionally persecuting, repressing and criminalizing Salomon Wantchoucou and other refugee activist in Lutherstadt Wittenberg. Therefore, the public prosecutors in Germany should take note on the unprofessional behavior of the foreign office and its employees in Lutherstadt Wittenberg in this modernized and globalized world of today. Stop the criminalization of refugees!

We say no! Stop persecuting, Repressing and Criminalizing Refugees Activist Salomon Wantchoucou. Protection now! Working permit now! Security now!

Flüchtlingsbewegung Sachsen Anhalt, The Caravan for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants and The Voice Refugee Forum.