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Deportation is Terror - Action in Erfurt against the deportation of Chun. K

As long as deportation is still functionable for state and being cultural perform, believing in saftyness is unavailable.
Refugees are the direct affected by wars, sanctions, occupations, corruption and romantic terrorism of Europe and specially Germany. Refugees are touching the fear and inscurity in deep dark side of cities and towns. The lively life of Refugees is treated and judged by paragraphs packed in letters from masked offices to be wasted.
How much this awful image is possible to be realized by society?
How much this craped picture can projected by mass media?
How much this presented welcome culture is real?

Break deportation action in Erfurt
Chun. K informed by letter about her deport date and time at 22.02.2015, 22:00. Information comes further to other refugees and activists and this action organized spontanously.
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