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Refugee Meeting in Vockerode on our Initiated Campaign against "Duldung" Repression and Administrative Abuses

We refugees from Sachsen Anhalt are going to hold a preparatory meeting concerning our initiated campaign and action.
This meeting will hold in Vockerode on 26.02.2015 at arround 12 Hours.

This campaign was initiated from our network of the "Flüchtlingsbewegung" Sachsen Anhalt, the Caravan for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants and the Voice Refugee Forum. It was also presented to the Anti-Racist Network Sachsen Anhalt.

It concerns registered refugees in Germany, who are abandoned for so many years without perspective. Denied working permission, freedom of movement, resident permission, some are made sick and traumatised etc. It concerns all forms of administrative abuses on refugees.

All the supporting groups are invited. Solidarity is our power!!

"Stop legitimating Injustice and Legitimate Justice 2015. Legalize all Refugees with
"Duldung" Status for so many Years and Stop Destroying, Persecuting Refugees in Germany"


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