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Memedovich family is granted humanitarian residence permit to stay in Germany!!!

Breaking news: Familie Memedovich is granted the Official Humanitarian Residene Permit to stay after 2 years in Erfurt and He is optimistic to continue his engagement in the refugee communities in Thueringen to fight against the threats, insecurity and against the deportations of refugees.

Presse und Bilder von der Kundgebung am 10.02.2015: Memedovich bleiben! Alle bleiben!

Everyone has a role to play, the refugee community are speaking out on the repressions and insecurity in the state authority to demand for safety and protection for public interest and for the security of refugees:

- For life decided by our own in freedom and in human dignity

Wishing all well..
Power to all those who continue to support campaigns against deportation and social exclusion of refugees in Germany

Do not give up....
The Successes of the struggles and the strenght to fight against the injustice of the system is empowered from the history of continuity and not only from cases of the issues...

Stay me all well, in solidarity
Solidarity from Jena

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