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Decentralized Info Campaign for OURY JALLOH in JENA at the Holzmarkt

Monday, January 5, 2015 - 16:00 to 18:27


JENA: Holzmarkt
5. Januar 2015, 17:00 Uhr

Public Information on the State of Play in the Oury-Jalloh-Campaign
Audios – Videos – Personal Speeches

warm Soup and hot Beverages provided

We hereby request for a German wide, decentralized info campaign with rallies on January 5th 2015 by all local activist groups as to achieve near-term boost in public interest and participation in the anniversary actions in Dessau on January 7th two days after (like the event announced at the end of this text).

We call for a broadly based support in the fight for clearance of the crime, enlightenment of truth and criminal responsibility of the perpetrators in the case of Oury Jalloh and all other cases of racist murder at the hands of German police – show your solidarity and concern by creating new banners for the 10th anniversary of Oury Jallohs death.
Shoot photographs of yourselves with the banners as to document your personal disgrace to racist police murder, regular restraint of investigation with cover up of the facts by prosecutors and ministries or consecutive perversion of justice in rare cases of a bill of indictment.

The very anniversary date of Oury Jallohs death is of more importance to us than any convenience of the actual weekday of our mourning and commemoration in Dessau to those interested in participation. This is precisely why we need to show up the full variety of our resistance against arbitrary, racist and lethal force of state executives.
We never chose the date but we still can show our unity!
The movement is in desperate need of your imagination and determination to provide resolute action against deadly state mentality and the culture of impunity!

Please e-mail your pictures to (Subject: Gallery of resistance) – bring your banners to the anniversary in Dessau or pass them on to people who join the action in case you are indisposed to join yourselves.

Rally in Commemoration of OURY JALLOH – Mobilization for the 10th Anniversary

Demonstration in Dessau on 7th of January 2015: 2pm at the Train Station

O U R Y J A L L O H -- T H I S W A S M U R D E R ! ! !
Our Fight against the Cultur of Concealment and Impunity – Solution, Truth and Accountability

Racist Force in Germany is dressed up in Uniforms and Jugde’s Robes

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