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Weimar - Official Protest Note against the Deportation of Family Cedomit Arsic

Tuesday, November 25, 2014 - 11:00 to 15:00

25.11.04 - Rally in Weimar at 12.00hour:
(State Administration Thuringia – Foreigner Affairs)
Thüringer Landesverwaltungsamt
Weimarplatz 4, 99423 Weimar

Öffentliches Protestschreiben gegen die Abschiebung von Familie Arsic

Kundgebung in Weimar, 25.11.04 um 12.00 uhr
Thüringer Landesverwaltungsamt
Weimarplatz 4
99423 Weimar

We are protesting strongly against planed deportation of Roma people and in special of family Arsic.

Conscienceless politicians enacted a declaration, which is classifying the countries Serbia, Kosovo and Macedonia as so called secure states of origin to live in for Roma people. This declaration was established as to enable mass deportations of Roma into these countries. In the face of the huge numbers of racist discrimination incidents occurring in these countries we have to acknowledge that living in human dignity is completely impossible for Roma there. So we have to assert that these politicians have thereby left the grounds of the liberal-democratic, constitutional structure of the Federal Republic of Germany. They have betrayed the values of the constitution in favor of an ideology and are still insisting on dividing human beings in superior and inferior or “worthy and unworthy”.

In the Balkan countries Roma people are denied a position of normal economic standard. There are racist groups committing assault actions against Roma on an everyday level aiming to expel Roma from normal professions. Incidents like a Roma foreman of a construction company being pushed of a scaffold, like Roma woman who are raped at their working places, like stores run by Roma are demolished and plundered or like Roma workers cleaning the streets at night are beaten up and many more do happen every single day. Then, if the victims have arrived in slums, these assaults are going on, sometimes even accompanied by governmental removal of such slums. Their living under permanent fear is destructing Roma people psychologically and physically. All these crimes are continuously going on every day. Even a government at good will is not in a position to prevent these crimes from taking place but more often state officials are even reluctant to interfere. Too much parts of the society are infected by the pestilence of racism. All this every day crimes very seldom reach into the scope of public awareness although these conditions are very well known to the international public and are regularly denounced by human rights NGO's respectively.

Every politician, who is sending humans into such fate, despite he took an oath on the German constitution, can no longer be seen committed to the fundamentals of this very constitution (e.g. the inviolability of human dignity) or else he personally insists on the discrimination of Roma because of their ethnic origin, which as well is prohibited on constitutional grounds for good and historical reason. What these politicians did, is nothing less than to abolish the constitutional order as to favor an unjust regime.

In situations like this resistance becomes duty. We are calling on every one, who is feeling committed to unalienable human rights, to practice organized resistance against deportations in the given situation especially concerning Roma. Reject to fulfill orders, which are incompatible with the constitution, orders aiming to abolish basic human rights, which are indispensable to sustain enduring democracy. Abolishing the constitutional state will hurt us all at the end of the day, even if such crimes are now hurting only Roma people, other refugees and people, who have ended up living on the margins of society.

Practice solidarity with family Arsic, this family should not be deported to a country, in which already parents and siblings become victims of murder, wherever they themselves already become victims of assaults.

The VOICE Refugee Forum and Refugee Community Breitenworbis
Contact: Jena mobil: +49176-99 621 504 (german/english)
Breitenworbis mobil: +49152-237 278 881 (arabic/en/fr/es)

Family Arsic; is called to the Ausländerbehörde Eichsfeld at 27.11.2014 as to arrange their deportation. We call on everybody to intervene to the responsible bodies as given below by all communicative facilities possible and moreover through regional and national media contacts you might hold.

For Intervention:

(Minister Interior of Thuringia)
Innenminister Jörg Geibert
Thüringer Innenministerium
Steigerstraße 24
99096 Erfurt
Tel.: 0361/37 900 (Behördenzentrale)
Fax: 0361/37 93 111

(State Administration Thuringia – Foreigner Affairs)
Thüringer Landesverwaltungsamt
Weimarplatz 4
99423 Weimar
Referatsleiter Ausländerangelegenheiten
Mathias Reinhardt
Telefon: 0361 3773
Fax: 0361 3773

(Foreigners‘ Registration Office Eichsfeld)
Landkreis Eichsfeld Ausländerbehörde
Friedensplatz 8
37308 Heiligenstadt
Tel. (03606) 6500
Fax (03606) 6509040

(Foreigners‘ Integration Commisioner)
Landratsamt Eichsfeld Ausländerbeauftragte
Frau Eva Träger
Friedensplatz 8
37308 Heiligenstadt
Tel. (03606) 6505030
Fax (03606) 6509060

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