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Actual standing of the situation of refugees in Burg, Jerichowerland.

Refugees in Burg are being proposed an apartment by the responsible authority.

Refugees that are been forced to reside in an isolated Camp in Burg, informed that the responsible authority in charge of their accommodation proposed to relocate them to an apartments of three rooms and one parlour. These should contain five refugees each.

Refugees in Burg made it clear that they want their freedom and not being abused by the responsible authority in any way whatsoever because they seek refuge. Therefore, they persist on their previous demand that they unanimously agreed upon during their last meeting „ Report on refugees meeting in Burg on 27.05.2014“. Our demand is open and clear said one refugee.

We want an apartment for each of everyone of us.
Stop trickish killing us because we take refuge!
Stop trickish destroying our lives !
Stop intentionally putting us in an isolated camps!
Stop deportation that kills us!
Stop restricting our movement and at the same time criminalising us! (Residentzpflicht)
We want working permission.

If our demands are not seriously taken by the responsible authority in Burg, future manifestations and demonstrations are not excluded.

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