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Sachsen Anhalt: Refugees are strongly raising an awareness on repression, persecution, and attacks

Sachsen Anhalt: Refugees are strongly raising an awareness on repressions, persecutions, and attacks

A refugee jumped out of his window on 26.02.2004 in Burg (lager)

Landkreis Jerichower Land: We Refugees from Burg are strongly raising awareness concerning how the responsible authorities are treating us that unfortunately caused one us to jump out of a his window on 26.02.2004. Luckily he survived.

One of the reasons, why, we take suicide or suicide attempts are because of the repressive mechanisms and persecution of the responsible administration towards us refugees by denying us our fundamental rights of working permission for many years, subdue us to restriction of movements for many years, isolate us in rural areas for many years, oblige us to reside in an Asylum camp for many years. Day to day discrimination and confrontations of insults and attacks:

Landkreis Saalekreis: “Überfall auf Somalier in Merseburg War Schläger selbst in der Klinik?”

Burgenlandkreis: “Inder stürzt in Zeitz zu Tode”

We are making known to all the district administrators, that we will no more tolerate ignorance and injustice destroying our lives and perspectives. Stop killing us!

We demand for a change now!
We all need working permission like you all
we all need freedom of movement like you all
we all need decentralised apartments like you all
Stop abusing us! we are human beings like you all
Stop all deportation!

Contact in Burg.
Diabi Djalo

Flüchtlingsbewegung Sachsen Anhalt, the Voice and Caravan networks