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Report of 3rd July Court trial on Nigerian Embassy Occupation in Berlin against Claudio Feliziani

Wednesday July 3rd 2013
Today the 2nd Trial against Refugeetent-Activists was held at the court in Berlin the Amtsgericht Tiergarten because of the Occupation of the Nigerian Embassy on 15 th October 2012. It was the proceß against the Activist Claudio Feliziani.

The proceß took about 40 minutes in which the declaration of the accused activist was completely read and the decision of the judge was to propose a suspension by condition of 50 social working hours obliged to the activist accused.

Claudio Feliziani`s proceß was the second to be held after the process against Thomas Ndindah of the complete 15 accused activitsts. More processes will come, so hold out in solidarity and follow the next jugdement days to be arriving.

The process was observed by refugees and supporters of the Refeugeetent-Camp. The prosecutor - that was a Referendar or kibnd of apprentice- read the accusation of "Hausfriedensbruch (trespassing) am 15. Oktober mit gemeinschaftlichem Handeln am Eigentum der nigerianischen Botschaft". Directly after this, Claudio Feliziani and his lawyer was asked by the judge for their statement. So the activist himself read the declaration he preapred, as follows here, shortened, in English:
"Oktober 15th 2012, several days after the arrival of the Protestmarch to berlin, Refugees and activists of the Voice Refugee Forum and the Caravan for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants we occupied simbolically the Nigerian Embassy to make once more public its collaboration with the Ausländerbehörde in a corrupt market of travel certificates and to ask to stop the practice of the
mobile Embassy hearings. Nigerian Embassy in collaboration with the Ausländerbehörde send all over Germany his functionaries to identify and produce substitutes of passports to Refugees, in order to make possible their deportation to Nigeria. For each one of this "travel certificate" Nigerian
Embassy functionaries receive from 250 to 500 euro. Since 2008 the half of all deportations from Germany are to Nigeria. Since then a big number of cases is coming out in which people from different African countries - Gambia, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Uganda - are deported to Nigeria only for being kept in this deportation's market.

After more than one hour in which the Nigerian Embassy functionaries refused to come to listen to our demands, German police broke inside the Embassy, in Nigerian territory, arresting us, while outside, with massive employment of violence was trying to disperse the spontaneous demonstration of Refugees and activists arrived in solidarity from Oranienplatz Protestcamp. At the end of the day we were more than 25 people arrested. At evening another spontaneous demonstration of about 800 up to 1000 people from Oranienplatz reached Tempelhof police station to demand the liberation of the arrested activists. During the almost 9 hours of detention many of us suffered brutal and humiliating treatments by the police, all of them documented on:"

Feliziani also declared that the practice of deportation collaboration of Frontex, the Ausländerbehörde and the Embassies has been reported of and published since 2006, and he wants to give notice to the legitimate protesting of the action of the day of 15th October against these collaborations.The deportation practice has to be ended and to be declared one future day to be part of a colonial past of Europe.

The judge then enquired the activist about the practice of the Embassy hearings by showing some kind of interest: "So who pays this money that you mentioned?" So the activist would repeat that this was the fact that has been made public since the year of 2006, e.g. in a report of the Spiegel magazine. Second question of the judge: "So you wanted to awake attention? Where are the collective hearings normally carried out?" The Activist and the lawyer give more informations: "It takes place in the Ausländerbehörden (offices of foerigners affairs). The Embassy personals travels throughout the country for that aims so to give nigerian documents to people even who are not nigerian citizens. " This dialogue made possible here was not so bad and would realise at least some declaration of the content of the Occupy-action.

The judge: "I propose the Einstellung (suspension, abandonment) of the proceß following to § 153 2nd paragraph of the Stpo, by obligation of 50 hours social working. Would the colleague please phone to the prosecution? " As a curious detail, the person of the prosecution who was present had to phone to another person, evidently because he was a Referendar and not a complete authority. The Referendar left the room in order to phone. By returning he gave the affirmation to the proposal. The activist accepted this, so the process would end with this early abandonment. The final conclusion of the judge - remarkably- said:
"The accused has acted in order to awake attention to maladministrations (Mißstände) who are given since several years.

That for he used the expression of opinion. The court would "not see a criminal energy of the accused . He acted for the benefit of people who are in his opinion,wrongful deportated. "
The process would come to an end like this. Watch out for the next process-dates of the accused people of Refugeetent-and Asylum-Strike-Action of the Embassy Occupying. Against the criminalisation of the no border-fighters!

For peace and human dignity. Stop Embassy herarings everywhere! Stop deportations!

Erklärung zu Protokoll des Amtsgerichtes Tiergarten bezüglich der Hintergründe des Protestes am 15.10.2012

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