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Manifestation in Memory of Shambu Lama and Refugee Meeting in preparation of the Tribunal in Gifhorn / Meinersen

Saturday, March 2, 2013 - 10:00 to 17:27

Invitation for the next meeting of the refugee communities Fallersleben, Meinersen, Peine, Salzgitter, the caravan network and supporters from the region – Refugee Tribunal 2013

Gedenken an Shambu Lama

Saturday, 02nd march 2013, 11 o clock a.m.

Shopping mall Gifhorn (Ceka Brunnen) - manifestation

Afterwards at 1 o clock p.m. - meeting

Lager Meinersen, Wiesenweg 23, Meinersen

In our first meeting hosted by the refugee activists in Fallersleben/Wolfsburg we decided to have the next meeting in Lager Meinersen.

Before we start our meeting in Meinersen we will gather for a manifestation in the shopping mall of Gifhorn:

On march 1st 2011 the Nepalese refugee from Lager Meinersen, Shambu Lama, ended his life on the railway tracks in Gifhorn after the Ausländerbehörde cheated him by telling him to deport him in two days. After 14 years in Germany and having a little boy who he would never see again he lost any hope. He did not know that the court in Braunschweig had already informed the Ausländerbehörde to stop any deportation plan. The circumstances of the death of Shambu Lama revealed all the wickedness of the authorities in Landkreis Gifhorn. As we heard by refugees in Meinersen the current situation is remaining the same and many people are suffering massive depressions and harsh attacks of the Ausländerbehörde. Meinersen will come back in the light of the public.

After the manifestation we will hold our meeting in the Lager Meinersen starting at 1 o clock.

Porposed agenda:

- Welcoming and short presentation about what happened after the last meeting in Fallersleben

- Two short video messages calling for the refugee Tribunal 2013

- Getting more concrete the contributions of the refugee community in Niedersachsen

- Workshop how to present the charges against the competent authorities

- Recording video statements about the situation and demands from the active refugees in Fallersleben, Peine, Salzgitter and Meinersen

- Presentation of the preparation of a rally in Wolfsburg (27th of April) by refugee activists from Fallersleben

- Presentation of the refugee women conference (19th – 21st april 2013 in Hamburg)

In our understanding all actions, all gatherings, all activities are already part of the Tribunal

We hope you to meet you all again on 02nd march 2013 and bring your friends, brothers and sisters along. Some activists of the caravan network from other regions will join us for that meeting.

Best regards

For the preparation committee

Jerry Bagaza – refugee initiative Fallersleben – 0174 88 19 428
Ralf Lourenco – caravan Hamburg – 0176 303 66 55 9