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Statement by Miloud L Cherif on the International Tribunal vs the Federal Republic of Germany

International Tribunal vs the Federal Republic of Germany
Unite against Colonial Injustice and human rights abuses 13-06-2013

Foto: Thomas Kriska

For the last 20 years Refugees have been fighting against all kind of human right abuses in Germany. The refugees situation in this country has worsened especially since the racist laws of 1993, laws that have destroyed all the remaining 'respect' to the rights of Refugees and even more important: to the individual right of everybody to submit an asylum application in Germany.

The German system keeps its shiny picture in the whole world through its dirty propaganda. The 'Asylum laws' have shocked me and my wife at the very first day of our arrival in Germany as refugees. The racist behaviour and looks of the officers and the administrativ stuff were to blame us for fleeing to Germany. Moving from one lager to another made us discovering more on how refugees are treated in Germany. Letters of deportation order were sent to us and are still coming. Watching other refugees getting deported made our life a horror, and put other refugees under a huge pressure and too many of them saw ending to their lives as the only solution to end the sufferance while others have psychologically crashed.

Germany took our right to freedom of movement by Residenzpflicht, took our dignity by giving us Gutscheine instead of cash money, took our freedom by obliging us to live in a prison like lager (ex-Lager in Zella-Mehlis) - the total Isolation from life. This system makes us to appear as guilty by criminalising us everywhere through racist police controls on the streets, in the trains and stations... because we don't look like being German. The charge is being a Refugee in Germany.

*Unite Against Colonial Injustice

Joining the Voice Refugee Forum in 2010, and working together with the Break-Isolation Network, the Caravan for Rights of the Refugees and Migrants, gave me the chance to defend my rights as a refugee. Many powerful and successful events took place since then, but The Tribunal in June 2013 is the chance for me and for every other refugee to have the right to say ''Enough... The Colonial Injustice must Stop Now''.

Therefore, I appeal to all Refugees in Germany to join us in Berlin, 13 June 2013 to say NO to the human rights abuses and becoming an activist by taking part in the Tribunal against the Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

Miloud L Cherif
The VOICE Refugee Forum - Meiningen

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