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Closure of the Lager Möhlau and the importance of refugee’s self-organization

Closure of the Lager Möhlau and the important of refugee’s self-organization


“Flüchtlingsinitiative Wittenberg”, the Voice Refugee Forum, The caravan for the right of refugees and migrants appreciate the closure of one of the most highly isolated Camps in Germany by the responsible administrative council. It existed for almost 20 years and had contributed to traumatize us refugees for so many years.

This shows the importance of our refugee’s self-organization and our grassroots movements, not only by making our problems known to the public but positioned to criticize the responsible authorities in charge of refugee’s affairs and hold them responsible for destroying our lives and perspective politically.

German supporters equally play great role of solidarity in support of our political struggles.


We are equally criticizing the intention of the responsible authorities to centralize us refugees to private houses in one Region hence; our demand is to decentralize us refugees to private houses in different region of the local government.

Relating to that we had made known to the responsible authorities on 28.11.2012 with an official letter addressed to the “Fachdienst Soziale” that such practices could provoke manifestations and demonstrations in the future.

We refugee should choose which region we want to live by ourselves and not to be abused by mixing us with many persons in one room.

Solidarity to all refugees!

Stop deportation!

Abolish restriction of movements!