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Refugees united on 04.11.2012 in Bitterfeld, Sachsen Anhalt against injustice

The delegates of the refugee self-organization „Flüchtlingsinitiative Wittenberg”, the Caravan and the Voice networks Sachsen – Anhalt, visited the isolated camp of Friedersdorf (Bitterfeld) on 04.11.2012, to control and verify, how the responsible authorities are treating us refugees in Bitterfeld.

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The delegates meet with fellow refugees from Friedersdorf and organizes a refugee meeting in Bitterfeld on 04.11.2012, to discuss the living conditions and treatments received from the responsible authorities of Bitterfeld.

Through this refugee meeting, we come out unanimously to have a refugee declaration paper, which will be sent to the responsible authorities and publically published. Secondly, we agreed and planned to have a demonstration in Bitterfeld on the 29.11.2012.

All your supports are welcome. Join us to save lives!
Solidarity to all refugees!