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Refugee self-organisations criticise the responsible authorites in Bitterfeld and raise protest

Flüchtlingsinitiative Wittenberg, Caravan and the Voice network Sachsen Anhalt criticize the responsible authorities of the local government of Bittefeld for not considering the psychological sicknesses, etc. caused by obliging us, refugees to reside for so many years in the Refugees Camp of Friedersdorf and Marke, which itself is highly isolated.

Relating to that, refuges self-Organization is planning a preparatory meeting in Bitterfeld to discuss the issue by ourselves, eventually for a manifestation or demonstration.

We are calling for a total closure of the isolated Camp of Friedersdorf and Marke, to decentralize all refugees to private houses.

Working permits to all refugees!

Stop deportation treats and abuses!

Protection to all refugees! And abolish the restriction of movement!

Oumarou Hamani Ousman