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Recognition of refugees political struggles and engagements in Sachsen-Anhalt " Politik sagt Danke"

Press information:

Möhlau , 22.11.2011

A Political and human right activist Salomon Wantchoucou. A member of the Caravan for the right of refugees and migrants, The voice refugee forum and one of the founder of Flüchtlingsinitiative Wittenberg is been invited in Magdeburg for his political engagements in Sachsen-Anhalt by the competent State government of Sachsen-Anhalt in an events called “Politik sagt Danke“.

The recognition and honouring will take place on Saturday 03.12.2011 from 11.00 – 14 at Palais am Fürstenwall, Hegelstrasse 42, 39104 Magdeburg.

The concerned had been consecutively engaged since 2009 with the above mentioned organisations and initiatives including No Lager Halle in a peaceful demonstrations and manifestations for the rights of refugees and their housing conditions in Wittenberg and Sachsen-Anhalt at large.

The engagements is basically based on criticism and public relations - making known to the public, how the refugees were been isolated in Möhlau Camp and treated in Sachsen-Anhalt especially Wittenberg - .The engagements is equally based on denouncing all kinds of administrative abuses that contribute in endangering the lives and perspectives of innocent refugees through the application of resident restrictions (Residentsphlicht), voucher system ( Gutschein), working interdictions, deportation treats and discriminations.

Refugees engagements and struggles continue as far as the institutional repressions persist!

Solidarity to all refugees in repression! Stop deportation!


Flüchtlingsinitiative Wittenberg
Caravan for the right of refugees and migrants Wittenberg
The voice Wittenberg