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Refugees questioning at local parliament in Wittenberg (Sachsen-Anhalt)

Refugees in Wittenberg and Sachsen-Anhalt say no to the negative interpretation of the German resident law by the competent authority

Questions were asked in the local Parliament of Wittenberg on 30.08.2011 by the members of „Flüchtlingsinitiative Wittenberg“ concerning the treatments they were receiving from the competent authority concerning refugees affairs.

See the answers Attached.

The answers received make it known that the competent authority in charge of refugees and foreigners affairs in Wittenberg are haply interpreting the German Foreign Law in a negative perspective so as to use it to deny innocent refugees their right of existence.

The competent authority „ Auslanderbehörde“ according to their comment are using “Cooperation” as an excuse to destroy the perspective of innocent refugees despite the fact that these refugees had done all what they can by presenting official documents showing where they come from, but still were termed not to be cooperative so as to deny the refugees their right of resident or working permit etc.

The Majority of refugees in Möhlau are singles and the competent authority knew it, they knew the consequences of their implementation of intending to isolate the single refugees by separating the families and at the same time, trying to defend what they generally knew that is bad because of economical interest.

Single refugees should be badly treated because of economical reasons is unacceptable and not putting inconsideration the years that the refugees had already spent in Möhlau without income, the refugees were been interdicted not to work for many years by the competent authority, with resident restrictions and deportation treats etc.

Instead to allocate refugees to a place where there are train stations, shopping centers, in Wittenberg, Grafainhainichen etc they try to divert it to other local villages like „ Vockeroder“ and seeking for excuses that there are buses etc, at the same time, defending that there is no discrimination etc. in Wittenberg is not justified.

We are calling the competent authority; the foreign office of Wittenberg, the administrative council Wittenberg, the administrative office of Sachsen anhalt to stop using the accusation of “Cooperation” to deny innocent refugees their right of working, resident permission etc.

They should be aware that the Negative interpretation of the so called “Resident law” are contributing to destroy and traumatize the lives and perspective of innocent refugees to which African refugees were highly affected in Wittenberg.

We demand a total regularization of all refugees that have been in Wittenberg, Sachsen anhalt without criminal records for many years without discrimination.

We demand all these refugees that have been in Wittenberg, Sachsen anhalt without criminal records for many years to be transfer to private houses without discrimination .
More information on Aufenthaltserlaubnis nach § 25 Abs. 5 AufenthG

Solidarity to all refugees in repression!
Stop deportation treats now!
Stop intimidating refugees now!


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