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Press info: Refugees in Möhlau preferd to be in Wittenberg than in Vockerode.

Möhlau, 24.07.2011

„Flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau Wittenberg“ had publicly made it known to the competent authority of the local government of Wittenberg that Vockerode is not suitable for refugees because of the following reasons:

Vockerode has no train station that could facilitate refugee to be able to cope with the days to days activities in what concerns their urgent appointments and shoppings etc.
There is no School for refugees children and would be unacceptable and expensive for refugees.
There is no shopping centre in Vockerode, where would and how would refugees that have no income would be able to adapt to a such difficult conditions ? For refugees, it is unknown.
Refugees had demanded for a decentralize private houses in Wittenberg for all but not in Vockerode.
Had vockerode train station and shopping centre, school for children that would have been acceptable.

Because of these reasons mentioned refugees would prefer to be in Wittenberg than in Vockerode, as it had been voted in the local council of Wittenberg.

Refugees are demanding the competent authority of Wittenberg to stop discrimination between single refugees and family refugees and to accord private houses for all and close mohlau camp so as to stop destroying the lives and perspective of innocent refugees.

We demand solidarity for all refugees !

Protection to all refugees !

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