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400 participants on demonstration of refugees in Wittenberg

The „Flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau Wittenberg” held the peaceful demonstration in Wittenberg on 25.06.2011, whereby the concerned refugees used that opportunity to express their feelings and denounced all forms of injustices, sufferings, isolation that were affecting their lives and perspective in the local government of Wittenberg together with „ Kulture mit Sahne“ Wittenberg that demanded for a free space for their citizen in wittenberg.

Refugees demanded for a cheaper private house for all in Wittenberg and to stop isolation that affects their health causing psychological sicknesses, to be granted working permission and to be fair in the interpretation of the laws in what concerns the resident permission etc

“Flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau Wittenberg” The concerned refugees demanded for a change and were waiting for that promised change from the administrative council of Wittenberg, so as to avoid their lives and perspectives been destroyed in the local government.

The refugees concerned were thanking all groups, parties, NGO's, Associations and individuals that were engaged in showing solidarity through material, logistical, financial and intellectual support that facilitate refugees to be able to express their feelings to the competent authority through a peaceful manifestations and demonstrations especially the caravan for the right of refugees and migrant, the voice refugee forum, no lager halle, flüchtlingsrat sachsen-anhalt etc.

Solidarity to all refugees!
Save our lives instead of destroying it!
Stop deportation treat now!

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Support the struggle! to save the lives of innocent refugees