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Stop denying us our right of existence in the name of cooperation

We "Flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau Wittenberg" we inform the administrative authority and the political authority of the "Landkreis Wittenberg" that almost up to thirty refugees living Möhlau have given real material evidence about their identity that conforms as requested by the competent authority of "Ausländerbehörde Gräfenhainichen Wittenberg" for example a passport or birth certificate, birth registration certificate etc. for months or years.

As regards to cooperation, we have cooperated as requested by the competent authority despite the danger that we faced in the country, in which we have lastly lived, example political and religious persecution, war, etc..

For this reason, we require the Foreign office of Gräfenhainichen Wittenberg to give true and correct information to the political leader of Wittenberg in terms of our identity and cooperation and to stop denying us our right and freedom – not to work – not to have residence permits – not to learn a profession and so on.

We ask our freedom now!

We want to have a perspective now!

Stop the deportations now!

Protection to all refugee

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