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Refugee : Victim of Menance and Racial attack in Bitterfeld Train station

A refugee from Möhlau was attacked and menanced in Bitterfeld Train station in the district of Bitterfeld. The young man was controlled in Raguhn while going back to Möhlau on 03.05.2011 around 22.00 hours by the local police. Not having his document with him, leads the police to take him to the Bitterfeld Police station for his data control. Although he pleaded to write his name for this purpose in Raguhn in order to avoid been transported to a far distance to Bitterfeld, but the police intentionally refused.

He equally asked the police controllers who were accusing the refugee of riding a bicycle without light, the possibility of bringing him back home after been finished in Bitterroot, because it is too late and their would be train connection any more in Bitterfeld, but was ignored by the police of Bitterfeld.

Arriving in Bitterfeld Police station, the refugees data was checked and all was in order, instead of the police to accord security to the refugee back to Raguhn or to Möhlau where he was picked up from, was equally insulted („Raus”! “Raus”!) the moment the refugee was asking only for his protection because it was late night. And the others pushed him out of the front door while the refugee warned not to be touched or pushed. The refugee was left in front of the police station with his bicycle alone in cold while the police locked all their doors.

The Camera on the Train station of Bitterfeld sees all, We demand the accurate verification through the security camera installed in the train station of Bitterfeld.

The refugee tried to locate the Train station with help of a person, to whom he called, arriving at the train station the last train had gone and there is no other alternative rather than try a taxi but to no avail, one found at the Bitterfeld train station could not transport the bicycle with, rather promised that another bigger taxi cold come if I could have patience.

The refugee went back to the train station and waited with his bicycle in frustrations and Cold. At this point of time came two persons directly to the refugee and asked him „Do have German passport!“ aggressively, the refugee seeing the circumstance say “yes “in order to feel protected at the same time the one in his right side brought a touch and lighted it on the face of the refugee to look the refugees eyes while the second person was with an aluminium Round stick tapping it on his hand without a word , looking at the refugee. As the refugee feel the menace, he defended himself that the police is around to whom he is working with so as not to feel alone and at the same time trying to call the police. As the refugee tried to escape the menace, heading to the front door of the train station, he was also followed by these two persons with the aluminium stick. The other hit the aluminium stick at the train station door so hard, while the other trying to approach the refugee then the refugee ran fast out, that he was also followed with the stick trying to use it and hit the refugee, luckily he felt down while chasing the refugee, he wake up again and continue chasing the refugees so aggressively. Luckily, to the refugee the attacker slowed back.

Then the refugee used that opportunity to call the police for his protection. The police came and went direct to the train station, then came back after a few moment and took the refugee back to the train station for protection while the bicycle has gone.

The refugee human and political activist is been menaced and is afraid of his live and freedom and demand for an immediate investigation relating to this menace and attack relating his life and protection.

The criminal police of Bitterfeld are investigating on the matter

Flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau/ Wittenberg

The Voice refugee forum

The caravan for the right of refugees and migrant