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The Grass-root role of refugees self Organisation

Refugees self initiatives in the federal republic of Germany is the grass-root political network of refugees and migrants including its supporters joining together for an objective of having their legal right been recognised, fighting against discrimination, injustice, administration abuses, administrative intimidations, social injustice and exclusion. The refugees and migrants self initiatives are itself victim that had experienced the injustice and exclusion and are still experiencing it.

Refugees self initiative is the fundamental platform of truth and is a research platform where the Ministry in charge of interior affairs of each states have to pay attention towards, where the institution in charge of refugees and migration of each state have to pay attention towards , where the NGOs for refugees and migrants have to pay attention towards, where the Administrative office of each state in charge of refugees and migrants have to pay attention towards, where the politicians of each state have to pay attention towards. The struggles and sufferings of refugees in Germany is made known through refugees self organisation to the competent authority and the civil society in each state. like the followings:

Isolation: Where refugees where highly isolated in an isolated refugees camps, so that they would not have the possibility to integrate them self in the society and make their existence more difficult and unattractive.

Working interdiction: Refugees were been interdicted not to work in the local government of Wittenberg for many years, whereby, the competent authority could equally allow the permission to work.

Deportation treats. Refugees were been intimidated with the word of “deportation” despite the fact of many years of resident in the country also ignoring that the law forbids to deport a refugees to a land where he or she faces danger and inhuman treatments

Social injustice: Having mentioned these tree points isolation, working interdiction and deportation these contribute to make it difficult for a refugee to be independent- that means refugees were obliged to live with a minimal social welfare which itself is discriminative whereby some certain refugees especially Africans were obliged to live with vouchers and others without vouchers, some with medical assurance AOK and some were not been accorded AOK.

Resident obligation: Refugees were obliged to have resident obligation not only applied to new refugees but equally to refugees residing in Germany for many years with the status of Duldung- that means that refugees should stay in a particular defined state. Trying to go to another states Refugees needs permission from the competent authority.

The legislatures and the law makers should pay strict attention to refugees self organisation and to learn the consequences of laws that they are making and endorsing because all these mechanism of repression and discrimination victimise thousands of refugees and deprive them from their fundamental right of existence and at the same time contribute to destroy the human perspective of each individual meant to exist, on only because they are refugees.

Our role in the society is quite positive that we contribute to save lives of innocent refugees and migrants in the society and make our problems known in the society, we demand for better society without hatred and discrimination, we demand for equal justice for all, we demand for equalled economical treatment for all, we say no to social isolation. We demand for a democratic transparency and protection for refugees we say no to police brutality.

We need your financial support, logistical support so as to be able to save live.

Flüchtlingsinitiative Wittenberg