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The campaign for justice in the case of Oury Jalloh continues!

6th of October the Alla Hop in Bremen witnessed a meeting about the case of Oury Jalloh. It was a program organized by Caravan, No Lager and the commission of the Oury Jalloh Campain. There was a documentary and a presentation about the case. The speeches were focused on how it happened, on the the reasons, and concernung the support for the campaign and on how to continue the struggle.

Oury Jalloh was killed in police station. The night before that crime some people were together with him. He was nothing more than a refugee, but the day after, he was a written document of the possible fate of any refugee, a declaration about the reasons why we are here and how they are treating us.

Was there anything unusual in his case? During last twenty years more than any other part of the world even more than Iraq and Afghanistan people were killed in Africa because of the colonial wars. So, is it unusual for the police to stop a black “Nigger” on her or his way? Who can believe that without slavery of Africa there could be such a glories Capitalistic civilization!!?? No, exploitation and oppression of women, workers and toilers, people of the third world including Africans, are the most usual order of the world we are living in.

What was unusual in this case, was the solid solidarity and the great outrage of the African community. This was the main reason that enabled the Caravan to have an ongoing campaign even after five years.

There was a lot, but still not enough support for this struggle. How can we have justice on this case without support of the majority of the people including refugees and immigrants to join the campaign to condemn this crime? More than that, how can we have justice without exposing and changing the conditions which lead to this crime?

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